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How can I change my Vtiger username ?
What is role of a user ?
How can I change the language of my Vtiger account?
How can I get rid of the extra zeroes showing after the decimal separator?
How can set up a default module to land in the same page everytime I login?
What all languages are supported in Vtiger CRM?
How can I change my access key?
Are the changes done on an Employee record updated in the respective user?
How to suspend a user?
How to delete a user?
How many co-owners can be added to a record?
Can I hide select fields from a user?
How can I add a new license (user) in Vtiger CRM?
Can I add Single App users as co-owners of records?
Can I add Light Agent users as Co-owners?
Can multiple users own a record?
How do I create(add) users?
How can I reactivate an inactive or suspended user?
Is it possible to change the password for all the users at the same time?
Is every employee a user?
I already have an employee record for which I want to create a user record. Is this possible?
Is there a limit on the number of users I can have in my Vtiger account?
What are the types of users in Vtiger CRM?
How do I verify email addresses of users?
Why should I verify email addresses?
Can I change the username of a user?
How do I change my password?
What is the Access Key in Users/My Preferences?
Where can I find the access key for web services?
How do I change the access key for web services?
Why is there as an option to log in as another user?
Can I log in as another user?
I need to set up something in the CRM for a colleague. Can I log in to their account?
How do I import users into the CRM?
A failure occurred when I was trying to import users.
Can I export users to my local computer?
Is it possible to change a CRM account's owner?
How do I know who is my CRM account owner?
Can I transfer account ownership to any user?
I don't see the option to transfer CRM account ownership.
What does it mean to suspend a user?
How do I suspend a user?
Can I delete a user?
Why am I not able to import the Single App and Light Agent users into the CRM.
How do I change the primary email address of a user?
How do I assign a role to a user?
How do I assign a profile to a user role?
Can all users delete records?
I am unable to create Light Agent and Single App users.
What is a Standard user?
What is an Admin user?
What is a Light Agent user?
What is a Single App user?
Can I transfer related records to any user when transferring the ownership of a contact or organization?
Can I transfer ownership to any user while suspending a user?
How do I identify users with different roles?
How do I give permission to export records to a user?
How do I give the permission to import records to a user?
How can I change the username of the account owner?
Can I import users using the Import module?
Who is a user?
Can I import Single App users in the Sales Enterprise edition?

Can I change the password of other users?

Yes, you can, provided you are an Admin user. You can change your password as well as other users’. 

Follow these steps to change the password:

  1. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Settings button.
  3. Look for the User Management section.
  4. Select Users.
  5. Hover over the user whose password you want to change.
  6. Click the Change Password icon.
  7. Enter the new password and confirmation password.
  8. Click Save.
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