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Is it necessary to create an account in VICIdial?
How should I add my VICIdial User ID in Vtiger CRM?
How do I get VICIdial incoming call pop-ups in the CRM?
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Why are Outgoing Call records in the 'triggered' status even after calls are completed?

How do I setup Vicidial in my CRM account?

After creating an admin user account dedicated only for APIs in VICIdial, you can configure the details in CRM Phone Configuration.

Follow these steps to configure VICIdial in Vtiger CRM:

  1. Click the User Menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Settings button. 
  3. Look for the Extensions section.
  4. Click Phone Configuration.
  5. Click + Add Gateway button on the right side.
  6. In the Gateway drop-down, select VICIdial.
  7. Fill in all the mandatory fields (marked by an asterisk):
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  1. Gateway Status: Mentions whether the gateway is active or inactive.
  2. Default Gateway: Mentions whether the current gateway is the default gateway.
  3. Start Call URL:  Auto-generated with Vicidial call fields that are sent to Vtiger when Agent answers an incoming call.
  4. Dispo Call URL: Auto-generated with Vicidial call fields that are sent to Vtiger when Agent dispositions an incoming call.
  5. Vicidial Server Time Zone: Configure the server timezone in which Vicidial is hosted.
  6. Vicidial Server IP: Public IP address where the Vicidial is installed.
  7. Vicidial Recording Path - Default Vicidial recording folder name is populated. Alter this config only if the default config of Vicidial is overwritten in /etc/astguiclient.conf file. (Contact your System Admin before modifying).
  8. API Admin User ID: Create a new user in Vicidial with Admin and API privileges, which will be used for all API requests that are initiated from Vtiger. (Make sure this user is not assigned to any agents)
  9. API Admin User Password: Password related to the User ID added earlier.
  10. Ticket/Case Title: Create merge tags or add custom strings that will be used when a case is created from the Incoming Call Popup.
  11. Opportunity Name: Create merge tags or add custom strings that will be used when a deal is created from the Incoming Call Popup.
  12. Vtiger Secret Key: Unique key auto-generated for authenticating all the requests that are received from Vicidial. This is a part of the Start Call and Dispo Call URLs that are auto-generated in the previous steps.
  1. Click Save.

VICIdial integration is now set up in Vtiger CRM. 

To know more about VICIdial integration, click here.
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