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What is the relationship between roles and profiles?
Why am I getting the Permission Denied error when I try to approve a record?
How do I add a profile?
Can I create a role with out selecting a profile?
How to enable or disable import and export permissions of a profile?
How do I see which role a profile is related to?
Are there separate Create and Edit options in Profiles?
What is a profile?
Who can set up profiles?
How do I define the permissions of a profile?
How do I link a role to a profile?
Can I define field-level permissions for a profile?
How do I delete a profile?
How do I associate a profile with a user?
How are profile permissions different from Sharing Rules?

Do field-level permissions in a profile apply to every module?

No, field-level permissions do not apply to all the modules. Sales Insights and Help Desk Insights do not follow ‘Field-level restrictions’ in a profile.

Even if fields such as Amount, Sales Stages, etc., are restricted in Profiles, users who are given access permission to Sales Insights and Help Desk Insights can view these fields.
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