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How do Sharing Rules work when I associate multiple users with the same role?
How do I add custom sharing rules?
How many custom sharing rules can I add for a module?
What are Sharing Rules?
Is there an exception where users can access records despite restrictions from the sharing rules?
If I am the owner of a record, do I get full access to the record?
Which is given priority in the CRM - Sharing Rules or Profiles?
What are the types of sharing rules available in the CRM?
What are the different types of permissions I can configure using sharing rules?
How do I configure sharing rules?
How do I configure record-level sharing rules?
What does the record-level access in Sharing Rules mean?
What are the owners and co-owners of a record?
What is the need for custom sharing rules?
How are Custom Sharing Rules different from the Public mode? 
How do I create the co-owner field in a module?
How do I define the co-owners of a record?

Who are the owners and co-owners of a record?

The owner of a record is the user in the Assigned To field. The co-owner of a record is the user in the Co-owners field. 
A record can have one or more co-owners depending on the value of the field - it can be either a user or a group. When the value is a group name, then all the users belonging to the group become co-owners.
To learn more about groups, click here.
Note: In the case of nested groups (where a group is a part of another group), all the members of the group get access to records. 

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