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What are the benefits of using Maps?
What is Geofencing?
Which are the two location services providers for the Maps feature?
Are there any limits to using the geocoding values in Maps?
How can I change my location service provider form OpenStreetMaps to Google Maps?
How can I reach my contact's place using the Maps feature in my Mobile App?
I am unable to reach my customer's place in Maps. Why is that?
Is it mandatory to use Google Maps?
How can get a Google Maps API key?
Can I see a report on how much I have used the Maps feature?
How can I see the geocoding report?
What will happen if I switch between different service producers used in the Maps feature?

How does the Maps feature in Vtiger work?

The Maps feature in Vtiger might look tricky, but you will realize that it is really a simple process once you understand it. So let us start from scratch.

Firstly, you need to know what Maps can do. Vtiger provides the following map-related features:

  • Search for an address from the map view in the app.
  • View nearby contacts in the app.
  • Provide check-in with geofencing for onsite meetings. 

Secondly, to deliver these features, Vtiger converts the street address in Contact, Organization, and Lead records to latitude and longitude values. This process is referred to as Geocoding. Through geocoding, Maps will take you to your preferred location.

To know more about Maps, click here.
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