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Is there a training video for Vtiger 8?
What is Access Key?
What has been improved in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
What are the new features added in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
What features are modified in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
Which features are removed in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?

What is new in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?

With the new and improved V9, you can:
  • Increase CRM usage with a new UI designed to delight. A new UI for the new year 2021.
  • Improve prospecting and close more deals using AI & NLP features.
  • Generate insights for customer conversations by analyzing calls.
  • Use the documentation on the Knowledge Base portal to delight your customers.
  • Connect with your customers in more ways than before:
    • Make calls with a built-in dialer
    • Use Live Chat via the website to chat with customers
    • Message using FB Messenger and WhatsApp
    • Use Google Meet to set up meetings, conferences, etc. (Zoom & MS Teams coming soon)
  • Capture leads from social media and improves lead scoring.
  • Simplify administration with enhancements like the import tool. 
  • Conduct business on the move using the new Vtiger CRM mobile app.
To know more about What's New in V9, click here.
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