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What is new in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
What are the new features added in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
What features are modified in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
Which features are removed in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?

What has been improved in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?

V9 comes with a pleasant UI, easy navigation, and a well-structured layout. Here are a few improvements in V9 that deserve attention.
  • Main Menu
    • The menu is now very well categorized into different tabs, sections, and blocks. 
    • You can group the modules and features based on their functionality.
    • You can personalize the main menu and tailor it according to your interest. You can move the modules around to different tabs and sections.
    • You can combine your go-to modules under Favorites for easy accessibility. You can add up to 10 modules here.
  • Look and feel
    • The white background with line icons makes the CRM light and well-spaced.
    • The illustrations on empty spaces lighten the mood.
    • An optional dark mode theme is available that will help reduce your eye strain.
    • You can add your company logo and customize the CRM.
  • Layout
    • Detail View is merged with the Summary View, reducing the number of clicks.
    • Drop-down items are listed in columns to improve focus.
    • Shortcuts for Actions and Inbox are added in the header to save time.
    • The History icon lists all the records you have recently opened.
To know more about What's New in V9, click here.
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