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What is new in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
What has been improved in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
What are the new features added in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?
Which features are removed in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?

What features are modified in the recent version of Vtiger (V9)?

A few features from V8 have been modified for V9 - a little tweak here and there to improve user experience. 
  1. The Filters button in Kanban View is replaced with a Search bar.
The reason behind this - To make the search consistent in both List View and Kanban View. This will also reduce the number of clicks and diversion.
  1. ​Recent records loaded in Global Search in V8 are moved to the History icon in the header. 
The reason behind this - To make the UI intent-driven. If the intent is to search, then there is no need to load recent records. 
  1. In the Global Search, only labels are displayed in results. 
The reason behind this - To save space.
  1. The Deep Dive page that displayed all the fields at a record-level is now merged with the Summary View and available as the Details Section.  
The reason behind this - To reduce the number of clicks. In V8, to see all the records’ fields, users had to move away from the Summary View and open the Deep Dive View. In V9, users can view all the fields within the Summary View by clicking the Details widget on the right-side panel.

To know more about What's New in V9, click here.
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