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What is Weightage Percentage for a question?

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Weightage% is by default calculated by LMS and updated based on the difficulty level of the question. The weightage% for the difficulty levels of questions are as follows:
  1. Easy - difficulty level (auto-generated)
  2. Medium - difficulty level doubles
  3. Hard - difficulty level triples
For instance, the weightage% for three selected questions, with the below difficulty levels are as follows:
  1. Easy - 10% 
  2. Medium - 20% (10 * 2)
  3. Hard -  30% (10 * 3)
Irrespective of the number of questions you select, LMS always equalizes the overall weightage% of questions for an exercise to 100%.
Choosing a difficulty level for a question will automate the weightage% for it. The automated weightage% is the maximum score% allotted for the question. The maximum score% for the question will be displayed in the LMS Portal if linked to published courses’ exercises or quizzes.
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