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What are the essential steps for activating the Pilot edition?

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Here is a checklist you can go over to activate your Pilot Edition. 
  1. Identify the success team: Identify those involved in configuring, setting up, and populating the data.
  2. Decide the scope: Identify and prioritize the goals of the project. For example, bring all customer contact data into a single location or track customer requests.
  3. Design the flow: Plan the process flow that will guide you in activating and configuring the CRM - for example, mapping out the sales process and deciding the approval matrix.  
  4. Configure and test the CRM: After you have the people and plan in place, configure Vtiger CRM and test it. 
    1. To learn more about the basic setup of Vtiger CRM, check out how to configure your preferences and how to do your company setup.
    2. Test the system to ensure things are working as you intended. After all, you don't want any accidental test emails to end up in the inbox of your prospects or customers.
  5. Go live: You are now ready for take-off. Since CRM configuration is constantly evolving, remember to use this checklist again. 
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