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How do I complete a course?

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Follow these steps to complete a course:
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to LMS.
  4. Look for Modules.
  5. Click LMS Portal.
  6. Select a course that you want to complete. The course window opens, displaying the following:
    1. On the top of the screen:
      1. Name - Name of the course.
      2. Percentage - Course completion percentage. It is updated as you progress through different levels of the course.
    2. On the top right corner of the screen:
      1. Points - Your total LMS points.
      2. Go To Courses - Clicking this tab directs you back to the portal homepage.
      3. Details - Clicking this tab directs you to the Course Details pop-up displaying:
        1. Duration - The sum total of the Estimation Time for concepts of a course.
        2. Mandatory - Displays:
          1. Yes - If the course is mandatory for you.
          2. No - If the course is not mandatory for you.
      4. Profile icon - Displays your profile icon. Hovering on it displays your user name.
    3. On the left corner of the screen:
      1. Course Introduction
      2. Concepts if available for the course
      3. Exercises if available for the concept
      4. Quiz if available for the course
  7. Click Course Introduction.
  8. Learn the course introduction.
  9. Click the Next Concept tab to proceed to the next concept.
  10. Click the Course Introduction tab to go back to the course introduction.
You have now successfully completed a course introduction.
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