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How do I submit a quiz?

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Note: A quiz has to be submitted within the time limit set by the instructor in the Instructor Console. It is displayed once you begin the quiz.

Follow these steps to submit a quiz:
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to LMS.
  4. Look for Modules.
  5. Click LMS Portal.
  6. Select a course that you want to complete. The course window opens.
  7. Click Quiz. The quiz window opens, displaying:
    1. Name - Name of the quiz.
    2. Description - Description if available for the quiz.
    3. Maximum Points - Maximum points for the quiz.
    4. Questions - Number of questions for the quiz.
    5. Start Quiz - Clicking the Start Quiz button lets you begin the quiz.
  1. Click the Start Quiz button. The quiz begins.
Note: Once you start a quiz, you will not be able to navigate to any screen in the portal until you answer all questions in the quiz.
  1. Answer a quiz question.
  2. In the quiz question window you can:
    1. Click > (next icon) to proceed to the next question.
    2. Click < (previous icon) to go back to the previous question and edit it if required.
    3. View:
      1. Time - The running time limit for the quiz set by the instructor in the Instructor Console. 
        1. You must submit the quiz within the time limit.
        2. If you exceed the time limit, the questions that you have answered within the time limit will be auto-submitted and scored.
      2. The maximum score% for each question.
  1. After answering all quiz questions, click Submit to submit the quiz. You will be directed to the pop-up, Are you sure you want to submit the Quiz?
  2. Click Ok.
  3. If you have:
    1. Quiz question types Textarea and File Upload, the review screen opens displaying the following message, Under Review. Current Score - (you scored _%). You have_answers which are under evaluation, which might increase your score. 
    2. Passed the quiz:
      1. The success screen is displayed with the success message, Congratulations! You have successfully completed the course got - (your scored _%) and the Continue tab.
      2. Click the Continue tab. The success screen opens, displaying:
        1. Finish button - Click the Finish button to finish the course.
        2. Download Certificate tab - In the tab, click the Download icon to download the course completion certificate.
  1. Failed the quiz or Not submitted the quiz within the time limit:
    1. The screen displays the following message, Try Next time, You got - (your scored %).
Note: To pass a quiz you will have to secure the set pass percentage for the quiz and not necessarily 100%.
  1. Click the Continue tab. You will be directed back to the quiz window.
  2. Click the Previous Exercise tab to go back to the previous exercise.
  3. Click Start Quiz to reattempt the quiz.
  • You can reattempt the quiz based on the number of retries available for it. This is set by the instructor in the Instructor Console.
  • Also wait until the time specified for a re-attempt, which is displayed in the quiz window. This is set by the instructor in the Instructor Console.
  1. Once you complete a quiz, a green tick mark will be displayed beside it in the course window.<
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