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How do I view responses for an exercise and quiz?

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After submitting an exercise or quiz, you can view your answers or responses for it only if the instructor has checked the Show Responses field for it in the Instructor Console.
 Follow these steps to view responses for an exercise or quiz:
  1. After you submit an exercise or quiz, click the Continue tab. You will be directed back to the exercise or quiz window.
  2. Click your Attempt. The Responses window opens. It displays the following:
    1. Your responses for the exercise or quiz questions. 
    2. The score% that you have secured for each answer.
    3. The maximum score% for each question.
    4. The top right corner of the screen displays the following for the exercise  or quiz:
      1. The total number of:
        1. Questions
        2. Correct Answers
      2. Total Percentage.
      3. The date and time the exercise or quiz was submitted.
You have now successfully viewed responses for an exercise or quiz.
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