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What are the LMS Components?

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The LMS allows you to publish content through different components which come with their own modules. The LMS Components are: 
  1. Course - Courses are subjects or topics you want to educate your employees or customers about. 
  2. Concept - Concepts are chapters or lessons with detailed explanations or descriptions that make up a course.
  3. Embedded Videos - You can add concepts to a course in the form of videos. You can embed a concept video URL and publish it for a course.  
  4. Exercise - Exercises are the questions-answers learning or practice activities created at the concept level. 
  5. Quiz - Quiz is an overall assessment for a course based on the course introduction, concepts, and exercises for a course.
  6. Course Completion Certificate - Course completion certificates are accredited certificates awarded to students on successful completion of a course. These are print template certificates that you can add to a course. This will be available in the LMS Portal for students to download once they complete a course.
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