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What is the LMS Tree Structure?

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Let us understand the relationship between different LMS components and how they are linked together. Vtiger CRM LMS has the following tree structure:
  • Course - A course consists of concepts (lessons). It can have multiple concepts and it can be published independently.
  • Concepts - A concept or a lesson discusses a subject and may consist of multiple exercises. You have to link a concept to a course to publish it on the portal. Alternately you can also publish a concept individually as a course if you do not want to add it to a course.
  • Exercises - An exercise consists of multiple questions and exercises are added to a concept. You have to link an exercise to a concept to publish it.
  • Quiz - A quiz consists of multiple questions and is linked to a course. A course can have only one quiz. You have to link the quiz to a course and activate the quiz to publish it.
  • Questions - You can add as many questions and link them to an exercise or a quiz or both. You can add questions in the following formats:
    • Multiple choice questions
    • Radio button
    • Text/descriptive 
    • Checkboxes
    • Agree/Disagree
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