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What is PHLO Support for Plivo?

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In Plivo, the Plivo High-Level Object or PHLO console allows admins to set up IVR call flow. The list of agents is configured in Plivo. Based on the options chosen by the caller, Plivo sends a callback to Vtiger with the details. Vtiger then creates phone call records.
Follow these steps to configure PHLO in Plivo:
  1. Log in to your Plivo account.
  2. Go to PHLO from the left menu or go to https://console.plivo.com/phlo/list/.
  3. Click Create new PHLO to create a PHLO application.
  4. Select Phone System IVR and click Create Application.
  5. Design the complete flow with all the messages - Welcome messages, busy messages, etc., in the Plivo console. CRM configuration will not be used in this application.
  6. Add all the SIP numbers under <> for calling setup.
  7. Add Custom Headers and Event Callbacks for Answer, Completed, Hangup, and Record under <>. 
  8. Copy the callback URL from Vtiger’s  Phone Calls configuration.
  9. Select the PHLO Name and choose PHLO under Application Type in your Active Numbers.
  10. Click Update Number.
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