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How do I navigate the dashboard in Vtiger CRM?

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Once you log in to your CRM account, the user will land on the Dashboard by default. 
You can customize the CRM by adding the page you want to land on as a default. For example, if you are a salesperson, you can make the Sales Dashboard the default landing page.
Images in this section will show you the different actions available on the Dashboard.

The Dashboard
The Dashboard gives users a centralized and customizable overview of their CRM activities and important information. It gives users a comprehensive and customizable overview of their CRM data, activities, and performance metrics.
Now let's break down this screen into smaller sections:
Top Section
Following are the actions on the top section:
  1. Favorites: Displays a few modules for easy access (customizable using the Personalize option).
  2. Search Bar: You can search for the required modules from the Main Menu.
  3. Personalize: You can customize the modules in the favorite and Main Menu with easy drag and drop action.
  4. Frequently Used: Displays the most frequently used modules.

App Section
The App section displays all the apps, modules, and features available in the subscription edition you have signed up for.
Below the apps are the shortcuts to Add-ons and Settings sections.
Following are the actions on the app section:
  1. Main Menu: Located at the top or side of the dashboard, the navigation menu allows users to access various modules and features of the CRM, such as Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Calendar, Tasks, and more. It provides quick access to different sections of the CRM system.
  2. Add-ons: Takes you to the Vtiger Extension Store > Add-ons, where you can find different third-party applications to iterate with the CRM.
  3. Settings: Takes you to the CRM settings page, where you can configure and set up the CRM.
Right Section
Following are the actions in the right section:
  1. Global Search: Allows you to search for CRM records using keywords.
  2. History: Displays your recent actions and activities. 
  3. Ask Calculus AI: You can quickly chat with the Vtiger AI bot to find solutions. 
  4. Quick Create: Vtiger CRM often provides a set of quick action buttons or shortcuts on the dashboard, allowing users to perform common tasks or actions without navigating through multiple pages. These actions include creating new records, adding tasks, scheduling events, or sending emails.
  5. Inbox: Allows you to check your email inbox.
  6. Internal Chat: Allows you to chat with your internal team and other workmates. 
  7. Actions: Displays all broadcasts, updates, engagements, mentions, and planned events.
  8. Calendar: The Calendar View display upcoming events, meetings, or tasks. It visualizes scheduled activities, allowing users to manage their time efficiently and stay organized.
  9. Logo: Displays your company logo.
  10. User Menu: Displays options like My preferences, CRM settings, Log out button, and more. These will be discussed in detail below.
  11. Help Center: Allows you to ask questions and assists you through different CRM processes using the FAQs and help articles from the Vtiger Knowledge Base. Help Center displays FAQs relative to the module and screen you visit in the CRM.
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