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How do I navigate the List View in Vtiger CRM?

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Following are the actions available inside the Contacts module’s List View:
  1. Filters: Use these filters to sort the records based on time, date, and assigned users. You can also add custom filters to the list.
  2. +Add Contact: Click the button to add new records.
  3. Drop-down: Click the drop-down to select other available actions (specific to a module).
  4. Views: Select from the different views available such as List View, Kanban View, Grid View, and Calendar View.
  5. Sync: Click the button to sync data from third-party integrations.
  6. Settings: Click for a list of settings. (Specific to a module)
  7. List Size: Click to navigate through the list size.
  8. Checkbox: Click the checkbox beside a record to select and perform actions such as edit, delete, export, print, and more. 
  9. Columns: Hover over a column to perform the following actions.
    1. Adjust the size of the column.
    2. Sort the records in ascending or descending order.
  10. Search Fields: Use these fields to search for specific records based on organizations, names, assigned users, and more.
  11. Star Icon: Click the star icon beside the required records to follow important records. Once you follow a record, you will receive notifications for updates made to the record.
  12. Opening a Record: Click on the record to view the record in detail.
  13. Quick actions icons: Hover over the required contact record to find quick actions such as Call, Email, SMS, and more.

Note: The actions available here are similar to other models, such as the Leads, Organizations, and Deals. Other modules available n the CRM may have different actions and layout set-ups based on their functionality.

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