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How do I navigate the Summary View of a record in Vtiger CRM?

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In Vtiger CRM, a record refers to an individual entry or data point representing a specific entity, such as a contact, lead, opportunity, account, or any other module within the CRM system. Each record contains a collection of fields and information related to that particular entity. 
Now let's break down this screen into smaller sections:

Section 1
Following are actions in the top section:
  1. Record Name: Displays the name of the record. In this case, the contact name.
  2. Star icon: Click the star icon to follow the record. Once you follow a record, you will receive notifications for updates made to the record.
  3. Tags icon: Click to add a tag to the record.
  4. Open icon: Opens the record in a new window.
  5. Link icon: Click to copy the record link.
  6. Third-Party Integration: Displays the synced third-party integration, if any.
  7. Contact Conversion: Allows you to convert the contact type.
  8. Contact Type: Displays the contact type. The contact type can be a Lead, Customer, Vendor, etc.
  9. Best Time to Contact: Displays the best time to connect with the contact if added.
  10. Lead Source: Displays the source of the contact.
  11. Email: You can connect with the contact via different email service providers.
  12. Phone: You can connect with the contact via different call service providers.
  13. Phone: You can connect with the contact via different call service providers.
  14. More: This option lists actions such as Print, Transfer Ownership, Obtain Consent, and more.
  15. Edit: Allows you to edit information related to the contact.
Section 2
Following are the actions in the left section:
  1. Assigned To: Displays the name and number of the User assigned to the contact.
  2. Email: Displays the email of the contact.
  3. Profile Rating: Displays the profile rating based on the recent conversations.
  4. Last Contacted On: Displays the time and date of the last conversation. 
  5. Description tab: Displays a description of the contact if added.
  6. Actions tab: Displays the previous and planned actions.
  7. Touch Points: Displays all the interactions with the contact, such as Web Chats, Phone Calls interactions, Cases, and Events.
  8. Filters: You can filter the activities related to the contact as your preference.
  9. Activity tab: It allows you to add comments and displays all the activities related to the contact. 
Section 3
Following are the actions in the right section:
  1. Related tab: This section displays the information in One View by default. One View displays all the contact-related records from the CRM, such as Deals, Cases, Quotes, and more, in one place and, therefore, the name, One View.
  2. Other tabs: Hover over the other tab to display other tabs such as Analytics, related Documents, Products, and more, replacing the One View on the view board. One View can also be replaced with the Detailed View, which displays all the contact record details.
Note: Actions in a Contact record may differ from the records of other modules.
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