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What are the limitations of Masking?

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The following are the limitations of Masking:

Specific actions are restricted to avoid leaking masked email addresses if any email field is masked. These actions include Reply, Reply All, and Forward in Compose email, Inbox email, and Cases module.
  • Masking is enabled for only the below Field Types:
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Text
  • The Case detail page displays email threads but hides addresses in the To and CC fields.
  • Email validation will not be performed when masking is enabled.
  • Please note that masked settings may not apply to specific external applications, including the Customer Portal and the Partner Portal. 
  • Searching for the masked fields is restricted to the following areas:
    • List view
    • Related List view
    • Global Search
    • Global Advanced search
    • Compose an email window in the Inbox and other places.
    • Invitees in Events records
  • Numbers from phone calls are masked and then decoded for the customer.
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