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Vtiger Enrich

Bindu Rekha Babu
11 Mar, 2020 - Updated 1 year ago

Introduction to Vtiger Enrich

Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook have become key data sources for sales and marketing professionals of today. The time taken to transfer this data to your CRM is growing exponentially. And at a couple of minutes per lead, it can quickly get out of hand. 
Not so with Vtiger’s Enrich plugin for Chrome!

Vtiger’s Enrich plugin is an online tool that lets you create or enrich a contact in Vtiger through LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social profiles.

With the Enrich plugin, anyone viewing a contact’s social profile can add a new contact, or enrich an existing CRM contact.  With Vtiger Enrich, you’ll also:

  1. Save time - Record a prospect’s entire profile in just a click, or highlight text in their profile and select a CRM field to automatically copy the information to it.
  2. Reduce duplicates - Automatically finds matching contacts.
  3. Set up the next steps - Create events and tasks for relevant contacts.

Adding Vtiger Enrich to Chrome

You need to first add the Vtiger Enrich plugin to your Chrome browser to use it. Once you add the plugin, it will be visible on your browser.
Follow these steps to add the plugin:

  1. Add Vtiger Enrich extension to your chrome browser using the below link: Add Vtiger Enrich to your chrome now.
    You will be taken to the Google Chrome Web Store, where the Vtiger Enrich extension is visible.
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button.
  3. Click the Add Extension button.
  4. Enrich will be added to Chrome and will be available as the Vtiger icon.

To use Enrich on your contact’s social profile, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your social network page.
  2. Go to your contact's profile.
  3. The browser's top bar displays the Vtiger Enrich icon.
  4. Click on the Vtiger Enrich icon.

Note: You will be asked to log in to your Vtiger account (for the first time or if you have logged out of your Vtiger session).

Using Vtiger Enrich
So how exactly can you use Vtiger Enrich?
Imagine a Facebook user has posted on your page that they are interested in your product. Upon seeing the post you can click on their profile and use Vtiger Enrich to find matching contacts, update an existing contact or create a new contact.

Finding matching contacts
Had a promising conversation with someone on Facebook? Directly log your notes to the CRM straight from the Lead's Facebook profile by following these steps:

  1. Log into your social network page.
  2. Go to your contacts profile.
  3. The browser's top bar displays the Vtiger Enrich icon.
  4. Click on the Vtiger Enrich icon.
  5. Search for the matching contact with the contact's user name.
  6. Select the right contact.
  7. Update/edit the contact information.
  8. Add notes and other information in the Description section.

Updating existing contacts

Not sure if a Vtiger contact’s personal information is up to date? Open their social profile page and click Vtiger Enrich to update their CRM record with their social profile information. You can replace the existing information with the latest from their social profile.

Consider these two cases:

  1. If you think you don't have the latest information about a contact and are sure their LinkedIn profile is updated, then use Enrich. Hover over the contact’s description field. Update the information with the LinkedIn profile summary with just a click. You can also undo this action.

  2. If you have basic lead information such as first name and last name and you want to enter other details, then you can visit their user profile to gather relevant information.

Creating new contacts

Click Vtiger Enrich to turn interesting new social profiles into CRM contact records. Then track, monitor, and engage them from Vtiger.
With your contact now in Vtiger, you’re set to nurture and win the deal.

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