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What's New in V9!

Presenting the all-new Vtiger 9. Read this article to learn more about the new features and their functionalities in Vtiger 9.
Rashmi Kashyap
3 Dec, 2023 - Updated 7 months ago
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Introduction to V9

Gear up for the new version of Vtiger CRM - Vtiger 9 

It’s fast, it’s clear, and it’s user-friendly!

Vtiger 9 (V9) is not just an enhanced version of Vtiger’s previous CRM, Vtiger 8. It is a brand new product with innumerable possibilities. With an innovative user interface (UI), V9 delivers the next-level experience to customers while incorporating AI  capabilities.

The new UI is designed to give you a pleasant experience with line art-inspired illustrations and icons on a white background. But why should you really migrate to V9? Here are the reasons. With the new and improved V9, you can:

  • Increase CRM usage with a new UI designed to delight. A new UI for the new year 2021.
  • Improve prospecting and close more deals using AI & NLP features.
  • Generate insights for customer conversations by analyzing calls.
  • Use the documentation on the Knowledge Base portal to delight your customers.
  • Connect with your customers in more ways than before:
    • Make calls with a built-in dialer
    • Use Live Chat via the website to chat with customers
    • Message using FB Messenger and WhatsApp
    • Use Google Meet to set up meetings, conferences, etc. (Zoom & MS Teams coming soon)
  • Capture leads from social media and improve lead scoring.
  • Simplify administration with enhancements like the import tool. 
  • Conduct business on the move using the new Vtiger CRM mobile app.

Let us learn a little more about Vtiger 9 and its features.

V9 UI Improvements

V9 comes with a pleasant UI, easy navigation, and a well-structured layout. Here are a few improvements in V9 that deserve attention.

  • Main Menu
    • The menu is now very well categorized into different tabs, sections, and blocks. 
    • You can group the modules and features based on their functionality.
    • You can personalize the main menu and tailor it according to your interest. You can move the modules around to different tabs and sections.
    • You can combine your go-to modules under Favorites for easy accessibility. You can add up to 10 modules here.
  • Look and feel
    • The white background with line icons makes the CRM light and well-spaced.
    • The illustrations on empty spaces lighten the mood.
    • An optional dark mode theme is available that will help reduce your eye strain.
    • You can add your company logo and customize the CRM.
  • Layout
    • Detail View is merged with the Summary View, reducing the number of clicks.
    • Drop-down items are listed in columns to improve focus.
    • Shortcuts for Actions and Inbox are added in the header to save time.
    • The History icon lists all the records you have recently opened.

We have launched a mobile app - Vtiger CRM that provides most CRM actions and features at your fingertips. It helps business users manage their projects, sales, support, and marketing tasks on-the-go on both Android and Apple devices. 

Changes in V9

The only constant in life is change - Heraclitus.

We have not just modified the UI. V9 comes with many modules and feature-related changes aimed at reduced clicks and increased functionality. 

In this section, we have listed the new and modified features as well as the deleted features. 

So let us first get to know the new features of V9.

New Features

We have added a few new features to V9 that will help users of all divisions. 

New version > New UI > New features...you’re in for a treat!

  • Sales - AI guided selling with Vtiger Calculus will help sales teams to amp up their game. Here are a few key features:
    • Best time to contact 
    • Deal score and Deal recommendations 
    • AI-based forecast
    • Conversation Signals 
    • Call Analysis
    • Coaching Material and Coaches Dashboard
    • Players Dashboard 
    • Email Assistant
  • Marketing - V9 will enable your marketing personnel to obtain the right leads through various platforms.
    • Capture leads through Facebook and Google Ads integration
    • Use APIs to set consents
    • Utilize responses volume chart in Surveys
    • Track website activity while lead scoring
  • Support - V9 will empower your support members to increase their assistance to customers.
    • Use the Articles module and Help Center portal to display long-form help content
    • Use Chat Insights to analyze your teams’ performance

Along with module-specific additions, we also have other additions that enhance the CRM.

  • In the Deals’ Kanban View, you can choose ‘All Pipelines’ as a filter.
  • Search for related lists in the List View.
  • In the Tasks’ Kanban View, you can choose ‘All Tasks Types’ as a filter.
  • Field value validations have been enabled to maintain data integrity.
  • Google Meet and Sage Accounting integrations have been added.
  • You can now send emails to new users from your domain.

Modified Features

A few features from V8 have been modified for V9 - a little tweak here and there to improve user experience. 

  1. The Filters button in Kanban View is replaced with a Search bar.

The reason behind this - To make the search consistent in both List View and Kanban View. This will also reduce the number of clicks and diversion.

  1. Recent records loaded in Global Search in V8 are moved to the History icon in the header. 

The reason behind this - To make the UI intent-driven. If the intent is to search, then there is no need to load recent records. 

  1. In the Global Search, only labels are displayed in results. 
  1. The Deep Dive page that displayed all the fields at a record-level is now merged with the Summary View and available as the Details Section.  

The reason behind this - To reduce the number of clicks. In V8, to see all the records’ fields, users had to move away from the Summary View and open the Deep Dive View. In V9, users can view all the fields within the Summary View by clicking the Details widget on the right-side panel. 

Removed features

While we have added and modified some features, we have removed the Custom Lists feature in Documents. Here is why:

V8 and prior versions had three ways to organize documents - Tags, Lists, and Folders. Since Lists and Folders were similar, they created confusion and UI complexity. Hence we have removed the Lists feature in documents to simplify the process.

Now in V9, you can continue to organize documents using folders and tags (private and shared tags)

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