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December 2019

Get details about the features and enhancements released in December 2019.
Rashmi Kashyap
4 Sep, 2023 - Updated 3 months ago
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Built-in dialer

A built-in dialer icon in the header that works with Plivo, Twilio, and Telzio gateways.


  • Choosing a gateway: You can select Plivo, Twilio, or Telzio to make a call from the dialer. You must have at least one of these gateways configured in the CRM.
  • Click-to-Call: Type the number in the dialer and click the Call button. That is how easily you can call your contacts, co-workers, etc.
  • Clearing an entry: To remove a number, click the left arrow () at the dialer’s bottom left. 

To know more about the Built-in dialer, click here.

Cases’ Summary View

Summary view allows support agents to provide the best on-time resolutions by surfacing important information needed to resolve a case and minimizing clutter that can cause distractions.

Benefits of Summary View in Cases:

  • DIsplays case-specific data:
    • The case number, status, priority, case owner, tags
    • Time left (can be green or red - overdue)
    • Contact Name (show profile stars if no organization is associated - B2C)
    • Organization Name (show profile stars of an organization - B2B)
    • Product the case pertains to
    • Group the case is assigned to
    • Past interactions on the case across all touchpoints
    • All updates to the case record
    • See up to three agents on hover over of the Eye icon used to highlight collision
  • Other information:
    • See up to three recent chats
    • See up to three related cases
    • See up to three recent cases by the same contact (for B2C - the organization does not exist) or by the same organization (for B2B)
    • See up to three Relevant FAQs and articles
  • Perform various actions:
    • Accept, reassign
    • Follow, add a tag, view, edit fields permissible
    • Respond to the case via email
    • Call the requester of the case
    • Comment on a case and mention others
    • Start or stop the timelog

To know more about Cases, click here.


An employee is a person who works for your organization. You can add the details of your employees in employee records under Menu > Support > Employees.

To know more about Employees, click here.

Internal Tickets

Internal Tickets in Vtiger CRM helps the employees of your organization to raise their issues and requests quickly. 

Employees can submit their requests and route them to the concerned departments with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need for a dedicated help desk. Specialized SLAs can be configured based on the urgency of issues so that the employees are served on time.

To know more about Internal Tickets, click here.


Appointment Pages

  • When you create an event from EventForms, Group Event is selected by default.
  • You cannot see the Duration field in the List View for Group Events.


  • If you are using a free trial of Vtiger, a ‘Free trial ends’ message will display in the header.
  • You can either buy the CRM or extend the trial only once for seven days by clicking the Extend Trial button.


  • When you reply to a customer’s email from a case, the signature is picked up from the My preferences page.
  • Case emails are scanned to detect customer sentiments.


  • You can add folders up to three levels only. For example, you can have Folder 1 > Folder 2 > Folder 3. If you add Folder 4 in Folder 3, it will be placed under Folder 1.

Email Sequences

  • While configuring an email sequence, you cannot add ‘Create Task’ as an action in a stage if duplication prevention is enabled.

Email Templates

  • You cannot create an email template whose size is more than 100KB.


  • When you create an event, by default the Start Time in the CRM will be half an hour from the current time.


  • You can verify your inbox by clicking the Warning icon in the Me tab.

Journey Templates

  • You can perform mass edit and delete on journey template records.

List View

  • You can filter and view the records based on any field type in the simple filter.
  • When you click a record from the List View, a preview of the Summary View appears. You can open the full record in a new tab by clicking the Link icon.

Main Menu

  • The Main Menu is restructured and re-grouped. Here are the details:
    • Dashboards - Sales Insights, Help Desk Insights, Chat Insights, Ticket Insights, Reports, Dashboards
    • Essentials - Actions, Contacts, Organizations, Events, Tasks, Approvals, Documents, Esign Documents
      • Conversations - Emails, Web Chats, Phone calls, SMS messages, Social, Surveys
    • Marketing - Campaigns, Email Campaigns, Marketing List, Webforms
    • Sales - Deals, Quotes, Forecast & Quotas, Subscriptions
      • Sales Enablement - Appointment Pages, Email Sequences, Journey Templates, Vtiger 360, Vtiger Enrich
    • Support - Cases, FAQs, Service Contracts
      • Internal Help Desk - Employees, Internal Tickets
    • Projects - Tasks, Milestones, Projects, Milestones, Timelogs
    • Inventory - Products, Services, Price Books, Assets
      • Order Fulfillment - Invoices, Work Orders, Sales Orders, Delivery Notes, Credit Notes, Purchase Orders, Receipt Notes, Bills, Payments, Vendors
    • Tools - Import, Find Duplicates, Email Templates, Print Templates, Recycle Bin

Quick Create

  • If certain apps (Sales, Inventory, etc.) and modules (Quotes, Cases, etc.) do not support Quick Create, they are not visible in the Quick Create pop-up.
  • In Quick Create, you can see the modules related to the App (Sales, Inventory, etc.) you have selected. If you wish to see all the modules, click the Show all button.


  • While searching for records, if you type a keyword and it does not exist in the CRM, the keyword color will change to red.
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