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Publishing a Concept

Shreya Kulkarni
2 Sep, 2022 - Updated 6 months ago
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What are Concepts?
Concepts are nothing but lessons or chapters that discuss the subject in detail for a course. You can have multiple concepts for a course and a course can have multiple exercises. 

Note: You will have to first add questions in the Question module and link the questions to the Exercise, Concept, and Course.

Adding Concepts to a course

Let us see how you can add a concept to a course.

Follow these steps to add a concept:

  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to LMS.
  4. Look for Modules.
  5. Click Concepts.
  6. Click + Add Concept. The Add Concept window opens.

Note: You can enter just the relevant details in the Add Concept window and save the concept. You can visit the concept record (in the List View) and link it to the relevant course. Or, you can click the View Full Form button to open the Creating Concept window and enter all the details. 

  1. Click View Full Form at the bottom right.
  2. Enter or select the following information in the Basic Information section:
  1. Concept Name - Name of the concept.
  2. Assigned To - Owner of the concept.
  3. Description - Description of the concept.
  4. Course - Select or create the course you are creating the concept for.
  5. Embed Video URL - Embed video URL of the concept video.
  6. Estimation Time - The duration the concept can be completed.
  1. Click Save.

You have now successfully added a concept to the LMS.

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