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Best Time to Contact

Lavanya R
5 Jun, 2024 - Updated 12 days ago
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The Best Time to Contact feature suggests the best time to reach a customer.

Vtiger’s Calculus AI system recognizes the sequence of time intervals based on touchpoints such as incoming emails, phone calls, and email campaigns. Based on these timings, it compiles with the customer's availability and suggests the same to you. 

You can find the Best Time to Contact in the Summary View of the Contacts and Leads modules.

When you select the Best Time to Contact icon, you will find the timings in the drop-down. 

A green line above each time indicates the maximum and minimum possibility of reaching a contact at that time. It gives you the day and time to reach out to a contact which can increase the probability of getting a response.

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Best Time to Contact




The benefits of the Best Time to Contact feature are:

  1. Gives you a good estimate of the best time to get in touch with your contact
  2. Helps you contact customers during their business hours
  3. Helps you address customer requirements and issues  efficiently

Key Terminology

Key Term


Best Time to Contact

The feature that suggests the Best Time to Contact a customer.

Summary View

A View where you can find all the details of a record.


A touchpoint is an interaction between a company and its customer. Emails, Phone Calls, and Chat are different channels of interaction.


Accessing the Best Time to Contact

Follow these steps to use the Best Time to Contact feature:

  1. Log in to the CRM.
  1. Go to Essentials > Contacts. The Contacts List View appears. 
  1. Click on a contact record. The Summary View of the record opens.
  1. Click the  Best Time to Contact on the top right. The drop-down displays the time and day that are the best available times to reach out to a contact. 

Note: This feature is available only if you enable the Calculus AI module.

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