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Vtiger Release Notes April 2024

A list of Vtiger CRM features and enhancements that were released in April 2024.
Bindu Rekha Babu
11 Jun, 2024 - Updated 2 days ago
Table of Contents

Release Notes April 2

New Feature(s)

Ampala WhatsApp Integration 

  • Integrate WhatsApp with Vtiger CRM via Ampala.
  • Are you using WhatsApp as a marketing tool? You can now integrate your WhatsApp account with Vtiger CRM via Ampala and manage your WhatsApp messages from the CRM.

Approvals Booster Pack

  • The Approval Booster Pack is now available. 
  • Here are the details:
    • Availability: One Growth, One Professional, One Enterprise editions
    • Price
      • For Indian customers - Rs.1750/Month/1 Approval
      • For others - $25/Month/1 Approval

Bokun Integration with Vtiger

  • Integrate Vtiger CRM with Bokun, the online platform for travel and tours.
  • Are you a tour operator? If so, you can now integrate your Bokun tour platform account with Vtiger CRM. 
  • With this integration, you can sync your bookings to the CRM and manage all your deals from there
  • Note:  Contact support@vtiger.com for configuring Bokun.

Layout Designer 

  • Layout Designer is available as an Add-on in the Extension Store.
  • The Layout Designer Add-on offers a drag-and-drop builder for creating custom layouts for any CRM module, such as Contacts. 
  • Creating tailored layouts for different user personas can help you deliver personalized experiences. For example, you can create a sales rep layout versus a sales Manager layout for a deal.
  • Here are the details:
    • Availability: One Professional, One Enterprise, and One AI edition.
    • Price: 
      • $95 (Sales/HelpDesk Editions) 
      • Free: One Enterprise Editions)

Vtiger One AI Edition

  • Users from Vtiger One Enterprise can upgrade to Vtiger One AI Edition, retaining all features and limits while unlocking the added power of Calculus AI for enhanced performance and capabilities.
  • Here are the details:
    • Price:
      • Standard
        • $66 - Monthly
        • $600 - Annual
      • Single App
        • $50 - Monthly
        • $456 - Annual


Microsoft Teams 

  • Transcripts and Meeting Links in Teams meeting records
  • Transcripts of your meetings held on MS Teams, as well as Meeting Links, will now be available for the Event record under the Recordings & Transcripts tab.
  • You will also be able to download the meeting transcripts. 
    • Limitation: You can download only ten transcripts in a day


  • Forgot password link
  • The forgot password link is now active for 10 minutes.
  • Newly added users will receive an email with the option to reset the password link, which will be active for 10 minutes. The links expire after 10 minutes or after the user creates a password.


  • Search by Product Code
  • You will also be able to search for a product in the Stockroom using the Product Code as well as the product name. 

User Management 

  • Show Created Date, Reactivated date, and Suspended date for CRM users
  • User records will display the following three new fields:
    • Created time: This will show the date and time when the user is created in the CRM
    • Reactivated On: This will show the date and time when last time the user was reactivated
    • Suspended On: This will show the date and time of the last time the user was suspended
  • This will help you know about the users who you added to Vtiger CRM in the middle of a Billing cycle. This will also help Vtiger CRM generate accurate invoices.
  • You will also be able to generate a new report named - User Summary report. It will display the following information:
    • Username
    • Status
    • Created time
    • Suspended On
    • Reactivated On

Websense Chats 

  • In Progress status
  • Ongoing Chats will now display the status as In Progress in the Chat conversation window.

Release Notes April 1

New Feature(s)

Expenses Module

  • Track your expenses and create expense records.
  • You can track expenses and create records for expenditures incurred during the sales process or other activities. For example, you can track the expenses incurred at the end of a deal and check how much was spent on a customer in pre-sales to post-sales activities.
  • With the Expenses module, you can: 
    • Create expense records linked to various activities such as field sales visits, work orders, projects, etc. 
    • Set up approval rules to auto-approve expenses or send them for approval. 
    • Easily track and disburse pending expense requests.
  • This module is available free of cost for all Vtiger CRM editions.

One Growth Edition Updates

  • The following features are now available in the Vtiger One Growth Edition:
    • Available by default
      • Deal Line items
      • Sales Leaderboard & My Sales Dashboard (excludes Sales Insights)
      • Pricebooks
      • Task SLA (Limit 1)
      • REST API (Limits are already there for One Growth - 24,000 per day with 1000 per hour, 30 per minute, and 200 per user. Free daily limits are set to 3000.)
      • WhatsApp and WhatsApp Templates
      • Module Designer
      • API Designer
      • Vendors
      • PurchaseOrders
    • Available as Add-ons
      • Chart of Accounts
      • Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, Sage

Booster for User Roles

  • Booster for 10 more roles.
  • Use this Booster to add more user roles in the CRM. This booster allows you to increase the role limit by 10. If you need more than 10 additional roles, you can increase this booster quantity from the Billing page. For example, if you need to add 25 more roles than your current limit, set the quantity to 3 to add up to 30 more roles.
  • Details: 
    • Add-on Name: Booster for 10 more roles
    • Price: $15 per month, Rs 1050 per month
    • Available in: One Pilot, One Growth, One Professional, Sales Starter, Sales Professional, Help Desk Starter, Help Desk Professional


Agent Live Tracking 

  • The Search option in the Live tracking module for Agent search will be available if there are more than 5 Agents.
  • This will enable you to track your agents in the field in the Live mode.
  • The count of users includes the Active, Suspended, and Deleted list of users.
    • Note: You can view the tracking details of deleted users (when they were active in the system). 

Appointments Page

  • Set start and end dates for your appointments.
  • Start Date and End Date fields are now available in the Appointment Page’s Meet Me and Auto Assign features. You can use these fields to select the dates as well as let your customers, partners, coworkers, etc., select the starting and ending dates for meetings.
  • The Appointments Page displays the number of appointments available for the following:
    • Available Now
    • Start and End Dates


  • Image mode for Charts.
  • You can now use the Print and Save as actions under the More option to save your charts as images. 

Document Sharing

  • Enable and Disable the OTP option for Document Links.
  • A checkbox in Configuration Editor - OTP Verification Needed for Document Links is now available for Documents.
    • If you enable the checkbox, customers can access documents shared with them by entering an email ID and OTP (received in the email ID). 
    • If you disable the checkbox, customers can access the documents only by giving their email ID. They will not required to enter an OTP. 


  • Option for default values while the date field for a web form or a Facebook form.
  • You now have the following two options while setting the default value in Webform or Facebook form for a date field:
    • RAW text (for a fixed date)
    • Expression
    • Today
    • Tomorrow
    • Yesterday
    • add_days
    • add_weekdays
    • Sub_days


  • Action icon and the option to view and post comments.
  • The Actions (Bell) icon is now available on the FSA landing page. You can also view and post comments for Mentions.


  • The CRM will display the time spent on a Project Task in the hours and minutes (hh:mm) format in reports generated for tasks and cases. This format is available for the following fields:
    • Total Time Spent on Subtasks
    • Billable Time Spent
    • Total Time Spent

SLA Policies

  • Custom priority values in SLAs.
    • You will now be able to add or remove the new custom priorities as SLA Targets and run your SLAs based on them, in addition to the currently available default ones (Low, Medium, High, and Urgent).
    • You can your custom priorities on the SLA configuration page, by using the Add Priority button. 
  • Add Operational Hours as a priority to your SLAs. 
    • If you select a specific Operational Hour in the SLA, the system will consider it as a priority.
    • You can define different SLAs (High, Medium, and Low) with different Operation Hours (both Calendar hours and business hours) as a priority. 


  • Individual discounts are synced for individual tax modes.
    • When you select the Individual Tax (item taxes) mode when you create an invoice and set the sync direction from Vtiger to Tally, individual discounts are synced to Tally. 
  • Mapping taxes between Vtiger and Tally for invoices and sales orders.
    • Do you use custom names (non-standard names) for CGST, SGST, IGST, or other taxes in the CRM?
    • Then a separate page for mapping taxes between Vtiger and Tally is now available. This will help you map tax fields if you are sending invoices and sales orders to Tally.
  • Sync Sundry Creditor ledgers from Tally to Vendors in Vtiger.
    • You can now sync Sundry Creditor ledgers in Tally to the Vendors module in Vtiger.
    • Vendor records created in the process will sync back to Tally.
    • Note: Sundry debtors will continue to sync to the Organization ledger.
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