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How do I set up alerts for idle records?

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By default, idle alerts are available for Leads, Contacts, Organizations, and Deals.

You can enable them and set the duration only if you are an admin user.
Follow these steps to add a new idle alert for other modules:
  1. Click the Menu menu.
  2. Select the Essentials tab.
  3. Click on the Actions module.
  4. Click the More icon displayed on the top-right corner of the Actions dashboard.
  5. Select Configuration.
  6. Click the Smart Alerts tab.
  7. Click +Add Rule displayed on the top right corner of the Alert Configuration page. 
  8. Enter the Alert Message.
  9. Choose whom to alert.
  10. Select a module from the Module drop-down.
  11. Fill in the following details to set up conditions:
    1. Select Field: Field on which conditions are specified
    2. Choose List Conditions: Conditions to be met to activate an alert
    3. Enter value: Execute the alert if the field value equals the value specified here
  12. Specify a value for ‘idle since days’. For example, you can set up an alert for a record that has been idle for five days.
  13. Specify Life cycle conditions if required. 
  14. Click Save.
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