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Who should create a GDPR compliant email marketing process?
How do I create a GDPR compliant email marketing process with Vtiger?
I am not able to send the double opt-in confirmation email to a customer.
A contact's Email Opt-in field has changed to Opted out (contact). Why?
What are the rights of customers according to the GDPR law?
How does GDPR affect email marketing?
What is double opt-in (for GDPR)?
How do I configure double opt-in?
How does the double opt-in confirmation work?
How do I obtain an email opt-in from my leads and customers through a webform?
Can I obtain a double opt-in from a customer through a webform?
Which email address is used to send the double opt-in confirmation?

What is GDPR?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is an EU law for privacy and data protection.

It assumes that people do not want to receive marketing emails from an organization unless they explicitly sign up for it. Thus, you cannot send marketing emails to your leads and customers without their consent. If you do, you will be held legally responsible.

How can you get a customer's consent?
You can get a customer's consent to receive marketing emails by obtaining a double opt-in from them. 

A double opt-in is a confirmation of a subscriber’s wish to receive your emails.

To obtain the subscriber's confirmation:
  • Send an email to the subscribed email address
  • In the subject of the email, explain that the subscriber must visit a link to permit you to send them marketing emails
If the subscriber visits the link, then they are 'double opted' in, which confirms that they have agreed to receive marketing emails. This ensures that you can legally send your marketing emails to the subscriber.
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