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What are encrypted fields?

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Encrypted fields are used to store a contact’s sensitive information such as their bank account details, credit or debit card details, etc. Values in encrypted fields can be concealed to prevent users from seeing them.

Follow these steps to create encrypted fields:

  1. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Settings button.
  3. Select Module Layouts & Fields under Module Management.
  4. Choose Contacts from the Select Module drop-down.
  5. Click the Detail View Layout tab.
  6. Click the +Add Custom Field button under any block you want to create it in. For example, under Basic Information, Address Details, etc. 
    • You can also create a new block and add an encrypted field under it:
      1. Click the +Add Block button.
      2. Enter the block name.
      3. Choose the existing block after which you want to add the new block. 
      4. Click Save.
      5. Click the +Add Custom Field button in the newly created block.
  7. Select the field type. For example, Phone for phone number, Text for name, etc.
  8. Enter the field name under Label Name.
  9. Enter a default value for the field (optional).
  10. Enable the checkbox for Encrypt under Enable/Disable field properties.
  11. Type ENCRYPT in the textbox provided.
  12. Click the Encrypt button.
  13. Enter the number of characters in the encrypted field that must be visible to CRM users. 
  14. Click Save.

The value in the encrypted field is hidden from CRM users, except the users who have permission to view the value.

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