FAQs in this section
Which usage details can I see in the Usage Details block?
Which records are considered in Database and Files usage details?
Will the storage usage data get updated instantly?
Will I be notified about my storage details every month?
What can I see in the Usage Details block?
What can I see in the Configuration block?
Who can configure the deletion policy?
Are there any default settings regarding the deletion policy for the Storage Guard?
For which records can I configure the deletion policy?
What happens if there is no deletion policy?
How can I configure the deletion policy?
How frequently will I be notified about my storage usage?
How will the Storage Guard calculate the space used?
Where can I see my storage usage?
When are the old records deleted?
Will I be notified before data deletion?
Does the automatic email deletion process delete emails from different sources?
What is Storage Guard?
How are the Storage Limits defined?
Where can I find Storage Guard in the CRM?
What are the different details available on the Storage Guard page?
Is the storage limit different for different editions?
What can I see in the Modules tab?
Does the record count include Recycle Bin records?
Is the record count in the Modules tab real-time data?
Why are the number of records in the Contacts module and Storage Guard’s Contacts module different?
Is the data shown in Inbox tab real-time data?
How are the emails counted and displayed in the Inbox tab?
Can I delete records from the Modules tab?
Why are Events and Tasks data not shown separately?
What can I see in the Inbox tab?
Which type of mailboxes are shown in the Inbox tab?
Why is the size not shown for a few records?
Can we delete a mailbox from the Inbox tab?
What can I see in the Attachments tab?
Is the data shown in the Attachments tab real-time data?
How many attachments are shown per page?
Do you show Inbox’s personal mailbox attachments in the Attachments tab?
Can I filter the records in the Attachments tab?
Can I download files from the Storage Guard?
How many files can I download at a time?
How can I download the files?
How can I delete the files?
After deleting a file, will storage usage details get updated instantly?
How many files can I delete at a time?
Will deleting a file from the Attachments tab delete the record permanently?
Can I restore the deleted files?
Can I see who deleted the files?
Can I see which file was deleted?
What will happen if I exceed the storage space?
What is the cost for exceeded storage?
From when will I be billed for the exceeded storage?
How will I be billed for excess storage?
Why am I suddenly being billed from Feb 1st for exceeded storage?
How can I clear the current storage space so that I won’t be billed?

Is Storage guard available in the Sales Professional edition?

Yes, Storage Guard is available in all the editions mentioned below:
  • Sales Starter 
  • Sales Professional
  • Sales Enterprise
  • Help Desk Starter 
  • Help Desk Professional
  • One Professional 
  • One Enterprise 
To know more about Storage Guard, click here.

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