FAQs in this section
Which usage details can I see in the Usage Details block?
Which records are considered in Database and Files usage details?
Will the storage usage data get updated instantly?
Will I be notified about my storage details every month?
What can I see in the Usage Details block?
What can I see in the Configuration block?
Who can configure the deletion policy?
Are there any default settings regarding the deletion policy for the Storage Guard?
For which records can I configure the deletion policy?
What happens if there is no deletion policy?
How can I configure the deletion policy?
How frequently will I be notified about my storage usage?
How will the Storage Guard calculate the space used?
Where can I see my storage usage?
When are the old records deleted?
Will I be notified before data deletion?
Does the automatic email deletion process delete emails from different sources?
What is Storage Guard?
How are the Storage Limits defined?
Where can I find Storage Guard in the CRM?
What are the different details available on the Storage Guard page?
Is the storage limit different for different editions?
Is Storage guard available in the Sales Professional edition?
What can I see in the Modules tab?
Does the record count include Recycle Bin records?
Is the record count in the Modules tab real-time data?
Why are the number of records in the Contacts module and Storage Guard’s Contacts module different?
Is the data shown in Inbox tab real-time data?
How are the emails counted and displayed in the Inbox tab?
Can I delete records from the Modules tab?
Why are Events and Tasks data not shown separately?
What can I see in the Inbox tab?
Which type of mailboxes are shown in the Inbox tab?
Why is the size not shown for a few records?
Can we delete a mailbox from the Inbox tab?
What can I see in the Attachments tab?
Is the data shown in the Attachments tab real-time data?
How many attachments are shown per page?
Do you show Inbox’s personal mailbox attachments in the Attachments tab?
Can I filter the records in the Attachments tab?
How many files can I download at a time?
How can I download the files?
How can I delete the files?
After deleting a file, will storage usage details get updated instantly?
How many files can I delete at a time?
Will deleting a file from the Attachments tab delete the record permanently?
Can I restore the deleted files?
Can I see who deleted the files?
Can I see which file was deleted?
What will happen if I exceed the storage space?
What is the cost for exceeded storage?
From when will I be billed for the exceeded storage?
How will I be billed for excess storage?
Why am I suddenly being billed from Feb 1st for exceeded storage?
How can I clear the current storage space so that I won’t be billed?

Can I download files from the Storage Guard?

Yes, you can download individual or multiple files to your local computer.
To know more about Storage Guard, click here.

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