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How do I create a quiz?

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In this section, let us learn how to create a quiz

Follow these steps to create a quiz:
  1. Login to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to LMS.
  4. Click Quiz. The Quiz List View opens.
  5. Click + Add Quiz.
Note: You can enter just the relevant details in the Add Quiz window and save the quiz. You can visit the quiz record (in the List View) and link it to the relevant course. Or, you can click the View full form button to open the Creating Quiz window and enter all the details. 
  1. Click View full form at the bottom right.
  2. Enter or select the following information in the Basic Information section:
    1. Name - Name of the quiz.
    2. Assigned To - Owner of the quiz.
    3. Description - Description of the quiz.
    4. Quiz Type - Select one of the following options:
      1. Fixed - If you want to select questions of your choice for the quiz. If you select Fixed, you will have to go to the Summary View of the quiz record to select questions of your choice. To learn how to select questions for quiz type fixed, click here.
      2. Random - Select the Number of Questions that you want the system to select. 
        1. Note: Selecting Random, auto selects and publishes questions only linked to the course and concept that you have chosen for the quiz. Only questions with Scope Quiz and Exercise & Quiz will be auto-selected. To learn how to add questions and link them to a quiz, click here.
    5. Pass Percentage - The minimum pass percentage for students to pass the quiz.
    6. Shuffle - Checkbox this if you want questions to be shuffled and displayed for the quiz each time a student attempts it in the LMS Portal.
    7. Course - Select or create a course, you are creating the quiz for.
    8. Wait Between Retries - The duration students should wait before they can re-attempt the quiz.
    9. Retries -The number of times students can re-attempt the quiz.
    10. Time Limit - The duration to complete the quiz.
  3. Click Save.
You have now successfully created a quiz for a course.

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