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How do I approve or reject a record?

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An approver can approve or reject a record in the following ways:
  • From an Email: When an approval record is sent, you (as an approver) will receive the notification in your email. You can directly approve or reject the record from the email notification.
  •  From Actions: You will also receive a notification when a record is submitted for approval in the CRM under the Actions module.
  • From a Related Record: You can approve the record from the related record by clicking the Approve or Reject buttons.
  • From Approval record’s List View:
    • You can approve or reject a record in the List View of Approvals module. All you have to do is hover over an approval record and click the  ✓ or X icons.
  • From Approval record’s Summary View:
    • You can also approve a record in the Summary View. You can find the Approve and Reject buttons when you open a particular approval record that has been submitted.
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