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What is the Incoming Call Pop-up feature in Vtiger CRM?

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Vtiger CRM users are notified about incoming calls in the form of pop-up messages. 
So how does this feature work? Incoming calls are matched with the lead, contact, or organization records in the CRM by matching caller numbers with numbers in the CRM. 
  • If a matching number exists, then the lead/contact/organization's name is displayed in the pop-up.
  • If a matching number does not exist, you are prompted to enter the caller's email ID in the pop-up to create a new contact record.

And if you have multiple users manning your phone calls, say a customer care team, then the incoming call pop-up is shown to all the users who have configured the extension number in their preferences
When a user answers a call, the pop-up disappears for other users. 

So, how is this incoming call pop-up helpful to you? Well, from the pop-up, you can:
  • Search/Create a contact if there is no matching contact for an incoming call.
  • Create a deal or a case from the incoming call pop-up.
  • Transfer calls to other agents or reps.
  • Add call notes.
Also, you can view recent call logs in related touchpoints of the contact’s record.
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