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What is the left menu in the Actions dashboard?

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The left menu on the Actions dashboard displays six widgets that show specific types of activity alerts. Following are the six widgets:

1. Home
By clicking the Home widget, you can get a summary of all your upcoming, overdue, and completed activities – calls, tasks, and events – in a single view under the Me tab.
2. Email Alerts
You can check your email reminders and other email alerts, such as when a contact opened or replied to an email you sent under Email Alerts.
3. Calls
You can check for events of type ‘Call’ and ‘Mobile Call’ under Calls. Additionally, you can view missed calls on Vtiger’s Phone Call integration here.
4. Tasks
You can view all the tasks assigned to you and overdue tasks under the Tasks widget.
5. Events
The Events widget alerts you about the following event types: Group Event, Meeting, Onsite Meeting, and Onsite Service. You can check your events under the Me tab.
6. Smart Alerts
By setting up Smart Alerts, you can receive updates on records, tasks, and events. You can also receive alerts about your pending approvals and lists shared with you, and other notifications. You can receive these alerts on your desktop, via email, or both.
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