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What is an Approval?
How can I setup an Approval?
How many approvers can be setup for an approval rule?
How can I submit an Approval?
Can I configure approvals for Inbox module?
Can I edit the approval record whose status is 'Waiting for approval'?
What does the Auto-canceled status mean in an approval record?
Can I add a group for an approver?
How can I delete an approval?

How does an approval process work in Vtiger CRM?

Vtiger CRM's approval process automation allows administrators or process owners to set up an approval process adhering to their business processes. It also provides an option to set up a multi-level approval hierarchy. An Approver can be any user or a reporting manager.

If the approval process’ entry criteria are met, rules are processed sequentially with an approval request sent to each approver defined in the rule’s approval matrix.

When the record is waiting for approval, the record is locked and cannot be edited until the process is completed.
The process stops if an approver rejects the request for approval and final rejection actions are run. Otherwise, the next rule is processed for approvals.

When there are no more rules to execute, the record is approved, and final approval actions are run.
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