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Who should create a GDPR compliant email marketing process?
I am not able to send the double opt-in confirmation email to a customer.
A contact's Email Opt-in field has changed to Opted out (contact). Why?
What are the rights of customers according to the GDPR law?
What is GDPR?
How does GDPR affect email marketing?
What is double opt-in (for GDPR)?
How do I configure double opt-in?
How does the double opt-in confirmation work?
How do I obtain an email opt-in from my leads and customers through a webform?
Can I obtain a double opt-in from a customer through a webform?
Which email address is used to send the double opt-in confirmation?

How do I create a GDPR compliant email marketing process with Vtiger?

To make your email marketing process GDPR compliant, you must do the following:

  • Request double opt-in from all your contacts
  • Change the Email Opt-In field in Contacts value to ‘None’ from ‘Single opt-in’ for all your contacts in the EU, or who you are not aware of the location
  • Add the email opt-in checkbox in your webforms
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