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Who should create a GDPR compliant email marketing process?
How do I create a GDPR compliant email marketing process with Vtiger?
I am not able to send the double opt-in confirmation email to a customer.
A contact's Email Opt-in field has changed to Opted out (contact). Why?
What is GDPR?
How does GDPR affect email marketing?
What is double opt-in (for GDPR)?
How do I configure double opt-in?
How does the double opt-in confirmation work?
How do I obtain an email opt-in from my leads and customers through a webform?
Can I obtain a double opt-in from a customer through a webform?
Which email address is used to send the double opt-in confirmation?

What are the rights of customers according to the GDPR law?

As per GDPR, an individual storing personal information with a business is protected by the following rights: 

  • Right to know what information the business has stored
  • Right to know how the information is being used
  • Right to know if the business is tracking their engagement
  • Right to ask a business to stop processing their data
  • Right to ask a business to erase their data
To learn more about GDPR, click here.
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