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What is a closed state?
How do I identify a closed state?
I see a message on a record that asks me to reopen the record. What does it mean?
How do I enable the Closed States module?
Who can reopen a closed record?
What is the importance of closed states?
Can I select the default status that a record must be set to when I reopen it?
How do I configure closed states for a module?
I am not able to use closed states. What might be the reason?
Are closed states pre-configured for a module?
How do I provide permission to reopen records to a profile?
How do I enable linking to closed records?
How do I enable a duplicate check on closed records?
What are the ways of checking for duplicates on closed records?
Can I check for duplicates on closed records using the Find Duplicates module?
Can I configure closed states in all Vtiger modules?
How do I close a record?
How do I reopen a closed record?
Can I provide reopen access to non-admin users?
What actions are restricted on closed records?
How many closed states can I have in a module?
What actions can I perform on closed records?

How do I link records to a closed record?

Let us take the example of the Deals module to explain how to link records to closed records.

To link a record to a closed deal, you must use the widgets on the right side of the deal’s Summary View. For example, to link an invoice to a deal, use the Sales Ops widget. To link contacts, use the One View widget.
Follow these steps to link a record to a closed deal:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Sales.
  4. Select Deals.
  5. Select and open a closed deal.
  6. Click on a tab where you can link records. 
    • For example, One View, Documents, Sales Ops, etc.
    • In the case of Documents, you can select existing, create new and link, or upload documents and link them to the deal.
  7. Click the + icon. 
  8. Click on a record to link it to the deal.
After you have linked the record, you will see it under the widget where you linked it.
Note:  The + icon is not shown in the related widgets on a record when you have disabled linking. 
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