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What are Esign Documents?
Why should I use Esign Documents?
What are the benefits of using Esign Documents?
What is the connection between DocuSign and Esign Documents?
Is the Esign Documents module available in the Help Desk Starter edition?
Why can't I find the Esign Documents module in my CRM?
I have installed Esign Documents, but why can't I send the documents for signature?
How can I configure DocuSign in Esign Documents?
I have installed the Esign Documents extension. Can I send the document for signature?
I want to remove my DocuSign credentials from the CRM. How can I do that?
How many signees can I add in one document?
How can I delete a signees name?
What happens if there are more than one signee for a document?
Can I create Esign documents from other modules?
How many files can I upload for obtaining signatures?
What must be the maximum size of the file that I can upload?
What must be the format of the file that I upload?
How can I create an Esign Document from other modules?
Where will the signee receive the document?
How can my signee sign the document?
How will I know if the signee has signed the document or no?
Can I get the PDF signed by the signee in the Esign Document record?
The status on the Esign document says In-progress. What does that mean?
Can I edit an Esign document that is sent for signature?
Can I send an Esign Document twice for signature?
Can I draft an Esign document?
Can I tell the signee where to sign in the document?
How can I see all the activities that happen on my Esign Document?
Why does Vtiger support only DocuSign for Esign Documents?
What can I see in One View of Esign Documents?
How can I send notes explicitly to the signee in the Esign Document?
Can I add the file to be signed from my computer?
Is it possible to update the Quote or Invoice status when an esign document is signed?
How can I send an email notification to the user when Quote signed from Docusign?
How can I send an email notification to the user when a Service Contract is signed from Docusign?
How can I add another signee?
How can I send a draft Esign Document for signature?
What limitations do Esign Documents have that I should be aware of?
How can I quickly send a PDF file from a module directly for signing?
In which module is the quick send option available?
Can I quickly send a PDF file for a signature directly from the module without creating an Esign document?

How can I create an Esign Document?

Once you have configured your DocuSign details in the product, you can create an Esign Document from the List View.
Follow these steps to create an Esign Document:

Step 1: Go to the Esign Documents module.

  1. Click the Main Menu.
  2. Go to the Essentials tab. 
  3. Select the Esign Documents module.
  4. Click the +Add Esign Document button.

Step 2: Enter the mandatory details.

  1. Select the Signee, the person who must sign the document. You can add upto three signees.
  1. Select either Contacts, Organizations, Vendors, or Users from the drop-down.
  2. Select a record or add a new one.
  3. The Email Address field will be automatically filled based on the email address present in the record.
  1. Select the document that must be sent to the signee for signature. You have three options to do so:
  • Upload File - Click the Upload File button to upload the document from your computer.
  • Internal Document - Click the Documents icon to select the document from the Documents module.
  • Select Related Module - You can send a document from a module. The modules shown in this field depend on the signees chosen in the previous step. For example, if a contact or an organization is a signee, then all the modules are shown. If a vendor is a signee, then only Products and Purchase Orders are shown.
    1. Select the module from the drop-down.
    2. Click the module icon to select the record.
      • You can also type the name to search the record and select it.
    3. Select the print template from the drop-down.
  1. Enter the Email Subject of the email.
  2. In the Email Note field, enter other messages or information about the email.

Step 3: Send the document for signature

  1. Click Save and Send for Signature if you want to immediately send the document.
  2. Here you will see two options:
    • Send Document

When you click on this option, the document will be sent for open signing, and the signee will decide where to sign in the document.

After the document is sent, you will be redirected to the Summary View of the sent record.

  • Add Signature Tags and send the document.

When you click this option, you will be redirected to the DocuSign website. You must decide and place the DocuSign tags and send the document for signing.

  1. You can drag and drop the signature tag in the appropriate positions on the document.

Note: You can also drag and drop other fields listed on the left panel. 

  1. Click Send.

The document will be sent for signature, and you will be redirected to the Summary View of the sent record.

To know more about Multiple Signatories for Esign Documents, click here.
To know more about Esign Documents and some limitations related to it, click here.
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