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What is forecast and quota?
How can I set up forecasts and quotas?
What is target mismatch?
Can I export forecasts?

How can I make adjustments to forecasts?

As a sales manager, you can make adjustments in deal amounts that were won or lost by a team member. Adjustments are not visible to sales team members.

Before you try to make adjustments to forecasts, you must enable adjustments.
Follow these steps to enable adjustments:
  1. Click Settings on the Forecast page.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Enable the checkbox for forecast categories under the Adjustable column under the Forecast Category block.
Follow these steps to make adjustments to deal amounts:
  1. Click a deal amount displayed in a forecast category column in the Forecast Summary table.
  2. Hover on a row and click the pencil icon under the Adjusted Amount column.
  3. Enter the adjusted (new) amount.
  4. Click the checkmark.

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