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What is forecast and quota?
How can I set up forecasts and quotas?
How can I make adjustments to forecasts?
What is target mismatch?

Can I export forecasts?

Yes, you can export forecasts by using the Export drop-down displayed on top. Here are the two ways of exporting:

1. Export deals: A CSV file containing forecasts and details of their related deals can be exported by selecting the Export Deals option. The exported file does not contain team forecast amounts.
2. Export Forecasts: Export the forecast summary as a CSV file by selecting the Export Forecasts options. The exported file contains details such as forecast periods, forecast categories, and forecast amounts for individuals and teams. It is similar to the Forecast Summary table in the CRM.

Note: You can export forecast information for a specific deal in the following way:
  1. Click a deal amount from a forecast category column in the Forecast Summary table.
  2. Click Export.
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