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SMS Messages

Bindu Rekha Babu
23 Jun, 2020 - Updated 9 months ago

Introduction to SMS Messages

 The SMS Messages module in Vtiger CRM helps you send SMS messages to your contacts to inform them about products, services, offers, etc. The contact can be an individual or an organization.
You can send the following types of SMS messages from Vtiger CRM:

  • Single or stand-alone messages. For example, meeting requests, special offers, information about products, etc.
  • Bulk or mass messages. For example, campaigns, offers, discounts, etc.
  • Automated SMS messages through workflows. You can set up a workflow in the CRM to automatically send messages at a planned time and date. This creates a trigger in the CRM to send SMS(s) on the selected schedule. For example, pre-planned campaigns, greetings, etc. 

How do I send SMSes from Vtiger?

 Broadly speaking, there are three phases involved in sending SMSes from Vtiger CRM. 

  • First and foremost, you need to first sign up with an SMS provider. They will give you details like authentication ID, user ID, and password. 

  • Once you receive the details, you need to set up the service provider in VTiger CRM. If you do not find the provider or the gateway you are looking for, contact Vtiger support at the number mentioned below and raise a ticket. Note: You can send messages only from a single gateway at a time. The following service providers are available (pre-loaded) with the CRM:

  • Clickatell (Communicator/Central)
  • Clickatell (Platform)
  • ESMSProvider
  • GupShup
  • India SMS
  • LabsMobile
  • MobileMessenger
  • MSG91
  • Mvaayoo
  • NRSGateway
  • SolutionsInfini
  • SMPP
  • SMS99
  • TextAnywhere
  • TextLocal
  • Twilio
  • ZoomConnect
  • Once the above are carried out, you can send an SMS from any of your lead, contact or organization record.  

Accessing SMS Messages

If you do not see the SMS Messages module, you will need to install it first. Follow these steps to install the module:

  1. Go to your profile picture on the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Go to the Extensions.

  4. Click SMS Messages.

Follow these steps to go to the SMS Messages module:

  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Go to Essentials.
  3. Go to Conversations.
  4. Go to SMS Messages.

Configuring (Setting Up) an SMS Provider

 Follow these steps to set up or configure an SMS Provider in the CRM:

  1. Click on your display picture on the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Click on Settings to open the Settings page.

  3. Click SMS Provider Configuration under Extensions.

  4. Click Create SMS Provider Configuration. (Text is highlighted in blue on the screen.)

  5. The New Configuration window opens.

  6. Select the service provider from the Provider picklist.

  7. Set the Active radio button to Yes. (Select No, if you want the service provider to be inactive but visible in your list.) 

  8. Enter the name of the user in the User Name field.

  9. Enter the password.

  10. Enter the ID of the sender in the Sender ID field.

  11. Select the Character Set.

  12. Click Save.


Sending SMS Messages

You can send an SMS from the List View of Contacts, Leads and Organization modules. Follow these steps to send an SMS:

  1. Hover over a contact, lead or organization record and the SMS icon becomes visible. 

  2. Click this icon to open the Send SMS window.

  3. In the Send SMS window, click the Select Phone Number field to display the available phone number.

  4. Select the phone number you want to send the SMS to.

  5. Type the message you want to send.

  6. Click the Send button.


  •   You can send an SMS only to mobile phones.

  • Ensure that phone numbers are saved in the international E.164 format.

  • Any message you send will have a character limit of 160. Anything above this will be sent in a subsequent message. 

  • SMS service providers need to be configured for your contact before you can send an SMS.   

Sending Mass SMS Messages

 The mass SMS feature allows you to send messages in bulk. For example, if you want to send a campaign about a new product or an offer to a group of customers or all your customers, you can use the mass SMS feature to do so. You can send mass SMS messages using Workflows in Vtiger CRM.

Let us learn about workflows and mass SMS messages. 
Workflows help streamline your business by automating operations like sending emails, creating activities, updating fields, etc., As these repetitive tasks are performed automatically, you need not have to execute them manually, thereby saving you time. Using Workflows, you can set u
p a schedule to send messages and notifications to your customers. You can decide on the time, date, the frequency and who to send the messages to.  
Workflows are a wonderful way to schedule and send mass SMS messages. 
Follow these steps to set up a workflow to send mass SMS messages:

  1. Click on your display picture on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Click on the Workflows tab in the Settings > Home screen.
  4. Click + New Workflow button.
  5. Select Standard from the workflows.
  6. Enter the following basic information for your workflow:
  • Enter the workflow name.
  • Select the target module from the Target Module picklist
  • Set the status to Active or Inactive using the radio button.
  • Enter the description of the workflow in the Description field.
  • Enter information for the workflow trigger.
    • Select the trigger for starting the workflow. The options available to you depend on the module you have selected.
    • Set the recurring time to run the workflow.
    • Add conditions for the entry criteria of the workflow.
    • In the Actions section, you need to add the action for your workflow. Select the action as SMS Task
      • Enter the following information in the SMS Task window.
      • Add the title of the action.
      • Add the recipients based on criteria like Organization Name, Contact Name, Created by, etc.
      • Select the required field from the Add Fields picklist. 
      • Type the message you want to send in the SMS Text field.
  • Click Save.​​​​​ 

Viewing SMS Messages

You can see the list of SMSes you have sent in the List view of the SMS Messages module. 
Note: If you want to send an SMS, you can do so from the Lead, Contact or Organization modules. Simply click the SMS icon visible on a Lead, Contact, or Organization record and type your message.

Follow these steps to view your SMSes:

  1. Click the Menu icon.

  2. Go to Essentials.

  3. Go to Conversations.

  4. Go to SMS Messages.

The List View displays available records. The List View displays the status of the messages you have sent. The statuses for sent messages are:

  • Processing

  • Dispatched

  • Delivered

  • Failed

  • Error

  • Archived

A message that has reached your contact successfully will be in the ‘Delivered’ status.

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