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What happens with payment failure accounts?
Can I get a refund if I haven't used the account?
How can I get a free trial of Vtiger CRM?
How many days are there in the free trial?
My free trial got completed but I still want to explore Vtiger. What should I do?
Do I get access to all the features in the trial version?
How should I choose the plan before subscribing?
Where can I get all the plans and their pricing?
Can I change my plan to another after subscribing?
How can I subscribe to Vtiger?
Which payment modes are available for subscribing to Vtiger?
Where can I get the All-In-One pricing?
I am subscribing to Vtiger from India. How can I make the payment?
Can I get a subscription for Vtiger for a fortnight?
I am confused about the way billing works at Vtiger. What should I do?
Should all Indian customers register with Web Pay?
What is the tax applied on my invoice for Vtiger subscription?
I still have 4 trial days left. Can I subscribe to Vtiger after the trial version ends?
Can I enter other characters in the card name while making a payment?
I have entered important details in my Vtiger account during the trial period. Will I lose it if I subscribe to Vtiger?
How can I download the invoice for my subscription to Vtiger?
The address I provided to Vtiger is an old one. I have a new address. Can I edit this information on the billing page?
My credit card has expired. How can I change the mode of payment?
How can I cancel my subscription with Vtiger?
How can I reactivate the subscription?
New employees have joined my company. How can I add them as users to my Vtiger subscription?
How can I remove users from the Vtiger subscription?
I added three users to my Vtiger subscription. How will I be charged for this addition?
I have an annual subscription. How will I be charged on adding new users to my account?
I deleted 2 users from my subscription. How will I be charged?
Can I delete a user and add him the same day?
How can I change the existing subscription plan?
How will I be charged for changing the plan?
I have cancelled my account. What will happen to the data?
Where can I give feedback and my experience while canceling the account?
I have to talk to a representative while canceling the account. What do I do?
I get an error message saying - 'Paypal re-authorization required' while making the payment. What should I do?
Can I enter three payment methods in Billing?
I get an error message saying - 'This transaction cannot be processed - Please enter a valid debit or credit card number and type' while making the payment. What should I do?
I get an error message saying - 'Your card does not support this type of purchase' while making the payment. What should I do?
I get an error message saying - 'Invalid request parameter: senderEmail cannot be blank' while making the payment. What should I do?
I get an error message saying - 'Your card number was declined' while making the payment. What should I do?
I get an error message saying - 'Your card number is incorrect.' while making the payment. What should I do?
When will my Vtiger account get suspended?
Should I register for Web Pay every month while paying the bill?
I don't want to subscribe to Vtiger, but I have entered some crucial details. Can I get them?

I am a customer from the US. How can I make a payment for the plan I need in Vtiger?

Follow these steps to make the payment:
  1. Click the Payment Details tab
  2. Here you will see the following:
    • Billing Details section
    • Payment Method section
    • The amount that you will be billed for
    • The number of users who can use the product
    • The plan that you have chosen
    • The date on which the first invoice was generated, and the next invoice will be created
  3. Click the Billing Details section
  4. Enter all the necessary information
  5. Click Save
  6. Click the Payment Method section
  7. Here you will have two options:
    1. Pay via debit or credit card
      • You can pay using MasterCard, Visa, or American Express cards
      • You must select the corresponding radio button, provide your card details, and click the Add Payment button
      • Note: Admin users can view when the card details were added or updated during the billing process
    2. Pay via PayPal
      • If you would like to pay via PayPal, then follow the instructions:
      • Click the corresponding radio button
      • Click the Add Payment button
      • Create a PayPal account if you don’t have one
        • Click here to understand how to configure a PayPal account
      • Enter your login credentials if you already have a PayPal account
  8. Provide payment details
  9. Click the Approve button after reviewing the details

After you confirm your subscription and the preferred payment method, you will be billed monthly for the total number of active users in your Vtiger CRM account.

To know more about Billing in Vtiger, click here.
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