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How can I change my Vtiger username ?
What is role of a user ?
How can I change the language of my Vtiger account?
How can I get rid of the extra zeroes showing after the decimal separator?
How can set up a default module to land in the same page everytime I login?
What all languages are supported in Vtiger CRM?
How can I change my access key?
Are the changes done on an Employee record updated in the respective user?
How to suspend a user?
How to delete a user?
How many co-owners can be added to a record?
Can I hide select fields from a user?
How can I add a new license (user) in Vtiger CRM?
Can I add Single App users as co-owners of records?
Can I add Light Agent users as Co-owners?
Can multiple users own a record?
How do I create(add) users?
How can I reactivate an inactive or suspended user?
Is it possible to change the password for all the users at the same time?
Is every employee a user?
I already have an employee record for which I want to create a user record. Is this possible?
Is there a limit on the number of users I can have in my Vtiger account?
What are the types of users in Vtiger CRM?
How do I verify email addresses of users?
Why should I verify email addresses?
Can I change the username of a user?
How do I change my password?
Can I change the password of other users?
What is the Access Key in Users/My Preferences?
Where can I find the access key for web services?
How do I change the access key for web services?
Why is there as an option to log in as another user?
Can I log in as another user?
I need to set up something in the CRM for a colleague. Can I log in to their account?
How do I import users into the CRM?
A failure occurred when I was trying to import users.
Can I export users to my local computer?
Is it possible to change a CRM account's owner?
How do I know who is my CRM account owner?
Can I transfer account ownership to any user?
I don't see the option to transfer CRM account ownership.
How do I suspend a user?
Can I delete a user?
Why am I not able to import the Single App and Light Agent users into the CRM.
How do I change the primary email address of a user?
How do I assign a role to a user?
How do I assign a profile to a user role?
Can all users delete records?
I am unable to create Light Agent and Single App users.
What is a Standard user?
What is an Admin user?
What is a Light Agent user?
What is a Single App user?
Can I transfer related records to any user when transferring the ownership of a contact or organization?
Can I transfer ownership to any user while suspending a user?
How do I identify users with different roles?
How do I give permission to export records to a user?
How do I give the permission to import records to a user?
How can I change the username of the account owner?
Can I import users using the Import module?
Who is a user?
Can I import Single App users in the Sales Enterprise edition?

What does it mean to suspend a user?

To suspend a user means to temporarily terminate their access to the CRM. 

Here is what happens when you suspend a user:

  • They are marked as inactive.
  • They cannot log in to their CRM account.
  • New records cannot be assigned to them.
  • Billing will stop for the user.
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