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How does User Assignment work in Webforms?

The User Assignment section allows you to assign the records created from the webform to users in the CRM using the Round Robin method.

How Round Robin assignment works

You must first select multiple users. The records then get assigned to users in the order that you have listed them.

Consider that you specify users in this order - Samuel Johnson, John Doe, Rahul Kapoor. Now, the first webform submission creates a record and assigns it to Samuel Johnson, the second to John Doe, and the third to Rahul Kapoor. The fourth record is assigned to Samuel Johnson, and the cycle repeats.

Follow these steps to enable round robin assignment:
  1. Enable the Assign Users in Round Robin checkbox.
  2. Click on the space provided in Round Robin Users List.
  3. Select users or groups from the drop-down to assign records.

To learn more about Round Robin assignment in Webforms, click here.
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