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The Deal Journey View

Learn about all the information that the Deal Journey View offers and the actions you can take on it.
28 Nov, 2023 - Updated 7 months ago
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Deal Journey View – inspired by the customer journey map – showcases the elements of a journey map in a single view. It is the view of a deal that you can see when you open a deal record. 

Elements of a deal journey view are represented in the form of sales stages, journey tasks, interactions, emotions, queries, and transactional data related to a sale. Deal Journey View also depicts customer interactions that take place following a sale. 

Components of Deal Journey View

Deal Journey View consists of the following components.

Header section: Deal pipeline and stages

The Header section of Deal Journey View displays information about the pipeline a deal is associated with and the sales stage it is currently in. The Header section displays the following fields and information:

  • Name of the deal
  • Important fields, namely
    • Assigned To
    • Organization Name
    • Contact Name
    • Expected Close Date 
    • Other fields marked as Key Fields in Module Layouts and Fields setting
  • Progression bar (displayed beside the Do button), which displays the pipeline and the relevant stages of the deal
  • Time spent in each stage of the pipeline is displayed when you hover over a sales stage in the progression bar
  • The emotion of the customer captured at the end of each stage is displayed beside the deal name
  • The total time spent on the deal is displayed when you hover over the clock icon

Up next section

This appears when you have tasks coming up in the near future. You can mark a task as ‘Completed’ from here. The tasks displayed under Up Next are activities of type ‘Task’ and journey tasks of the deal. 

Activity section 

In the Activity section, a sales rep can view updates regarding deal engagement and can also track emails and documents shared with contacts.

  • Deal engagement
    • The Activity section is where a sales rep can view interactions, updates, and alerts regarding a deal. This acts as a notification center, displaying upcoming and overdue activities and a log of all completed activities. 
    • For instance, if a deal is transferred to a different sales rep, he can get insights into the history of the deal by looking at the Activity section. Completed activities include:
      • Interactions such as meetings and calls related to the deal
      • Real-time alerts of an email or a document sent to a prospect
      • Smart alerts such as Idle deal alert
      • Field updates performed by owners and co-owners
      • Workflow updates
      • Sale-related discussions via comments or direct @mentions
  • Tracking
    • Deal Journey View’s Activity section displays updates related to:
      • Email tracking (when a contact opens an email or clicks a link in the email that you sent)
      • Document tracking (when a  contact views/downloads/re-shares a document that you shared)
      • Record updates (if any updates or changes were made to the deal
  • Filters
    • To see your choice of updates in the Activity section, you can use Filters and turn off certain alerts. Under Filters, you can enable or disable updates for the following:
      • Internal comments (Comments and mentions of your team)
      • Customer touchpoints (Phone, SMS, and email Interactions with the deal’s contacts)
      • Updates (Updates made on the deal record)
      • Completed tasks (Updates when a deal’s task is marked as Completed)

One View widget in Deals

  • One View provides a 360-degree view of a deal, capturing data distributed across various apps in a single view. This facilitates quicker action by sales reps, providing them with up-to-date information. 
  • One View data includes information about a deal's related organization and contacts. One View also displays sales transactions such as Quotes and post-sale activities such as project details and cases reported by deal contacts.
  • For example, 
    • Sales reps can identify key stakeholders and decision-makers for a deal.
    • Sales reps can track invoices related to the deals they are pursuing. 
    • Sales reps can identify customer cases that are blocking a deal’s closure or a possible upsell opportunity clued by a case.

Line Items widget (for deal revenue line items)

  • The Items widget displays all revenue line items that are associated with a deal. Using this widget, you can add products or services as line items to a deal.  

Tasks widget (for all deal-related tasks)

  • Journey tasks and other regular tasks related to the deal appear in the Task widget.
  • Journey tasks represent activities that sales reps need to perform in each sales stage, to move a deal to the next stage.
  • These are displayed under the Tasks widget.
  • You can set up journey tasks by going to Main Menu > Sales > Journey Templates, and view other tasks under Main Menu > Essentials > Tasks.

Events widget (for all deal-related events) 

  • When you create an event and relate it to a deal or a deal’s contact, the event appears under the Events widget in the deal. You can also create an event from the widget, using the + icon. 
  • You can view all your events under Main Menu > Essentials > Events.
Analytics widget (for deal insights)
  • Vtiger CRM captures deal insights in terms of the total age of a deal and the time spent in each sales stage. 
  • The Header section of Deal Journey View displays the total age of a deal and the time spent in each sales stage.
  • You can capture the analytics of a deal using the Analytics widget.
  • Using this widget, you can display deal insights in the form of a chart, a mini list, or a key metric widget, using deal-related data. 
  • For example,
    • A chart can group all open deals by Sales Stage.
    • A mini list can display all open deals worth more than $1000.
    • A key metric widget can group deals by Sales Stage and list the number of deals in each sales stage.

Smart Alerts

  • Smart alerts are deal-related alerts that can be set up in Main Menu > Essentials > Actions > Configuration > Smart Alerts by an Admin user. They appear in the Activity section of Deal Journey View.
  • For example, if a deal has not had interaction for more than 5 days as per the rules set up, an alert is sent to the deal’s owner, reminding him to follow up. 

Documents widget

  • The Documents widget lists all the documents related to the deal.  
  • By using this widget displayed on a deal, you can link a document present in the CRM, upload a document from repositories such as Google Drive or Dropbox, or create a new document. 

Sales Ops widget (for post-sale transactions)

  • All post-sale transactions are grouped under the Sales Ops widget in Deal Journey View.
  • The widget displays invoices, subscriptions, and other transactions that occur after a deal is invoiced. 

Actions Possible on Deal Journey View

The following actions can be performed from the Summary View of a deal:

  1. Follow: Click the Follow icon to follow the deal 
  2. View followers: Click Followers to view the followers of the deal
  3. Add tag: Click the + icon to add a tag for the deal and click to delete a tag related to the deal
  4. Print: Click the Print icon to print the deal record
  5. Duplicate: Click the Duplicate icon to duplicate the deal (if Duplicate Prevention is disabled)
  6. Delete: Click the Delete icon to delete the deal 
  7. New: Click the Do button to reach out to a customer by call, email, or SMS; create a new event; or create a new record in another CRM module
  8. Deep Dive: Click the Deep Dive button to view the deal information in detail (with all the fields) and perform edits3
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