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Forecasts and Quotas

Learn all about configuring your team hierarchy and setting up sales forecasts and quotas.
25 Apr, 2024 - Updated 1 month ago
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Trying to find a way to plan your sales cycle, predict sales goals, and monitor your sales team’s performance? 

Forecast and Quota in Vtiger CRM is the all-in-one solution for you.


Forecasts and quotas represent the sales goals set for a sales team and that set for each member of a sales team. They can be set for a given financial period, say a month, quarter, or year.

You can view Forecast and Quota by going to Main Menu > Sales > Forecast and Quota.


How beneficial are forecasts and quotas

  • Forecasting facilitates managerial decisions, helps identify peak and lean periods, and facilitates better management of sales pipelines.
  • Forecasting helps in setting expectations for internal and external stakeholders and facilitates proactive planning by considering the peak and lean periods.
  • Quotas can be used to measure the performance of sales team members, for instance, by the number of deals they close or the amount of revenue they generate.

Note: If you do not see Forecast and Quota under Sales, make sure you have enabled the module in Settings > Module Management > Modules


Did you know? 

While Forecast and Quota allow you to set sales goals for your team, Vtiger CRM’s Sales Insights gives you details of your team’s performance and productivity.

To learn more about Sales Insights, click here.

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Sales Forecasting


Sales Quotas


Setting or Revising Quotas

 As a sales manager or an Admin user, you can set or revise forecasts and quotas for your sales team after you have configured it. A user can set or revise quotas only if they have users reporting to them.

To learn how to configure forecast hierarchy and categories, click here.


Note: Forecasts and quotas are set up for the forecast period, and the hierarchy is configured in Forecast and Quota Settings.


Follow these steps to set up forecasts and quotas:

  1. Log in to your CRM account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Go to Sales.
  4. Select Forecast and Quota
  5. Click +Set or Revise Team’s Quota
  6. Click the drop-down shown on the top-left to select a team.
  7. Enter the individual and team quotas under the Set Quota column.
  8. Click Save

Important notes:

  • In the drop-down on the left, you can click on a user or team to view their respective quotas.
  • The manager’s quota is the revenue that the manager and team are expected to generate together.
  • A user (Standard or Admin) can see the +Set or Revise Quota button only if they have other users reporting to them. Otherwise, the button is hidden.
  • Enabling the Notify team via Email toggle button on the top-right sends an email notification to users when their quotas are revised. When team quotas are revised, a notification is sent to all the team members.
  • Target Mismatch - When the team quota and the sum of quotas of all the team members mentioned in the Quota column do not match, there will be a target mismatch. Target Mismatch is negative if the team quota is higher than the sum of the team members’ quotas; otherwise, it is positive.  

Viewing Forecasts and Quotas

Key metrics

You can find the following key metrics above the Forecast Summary table:

  • Quota - This metric shows the total quota defined for individuals or teams. The amount displayed here depends on the filters you have applied.
  • Closed Won - Closed Won is the total deal amount that was won. The amount displayed here depends on the filters you have applied.
  • Gap - When values in Quota and Closed Won do not match, the difference between them is called Gap. This applies to individuals and teams. Gap values are not shown for future months.
    • The Gap is negative if the Quota is lesser than the Closed Won; it is positive when the Quota is greater than the Closed Won. It tells you how much more or less than the defined quota a salesperson has generated. 
    • The Gap amount displayed in the key metrics is the difference between the team quota and the sum of the team’s closed amount.
  • Pipeline - It is the sum of the amounts of deals that are in these forecast categories: Pipeline, Best Case, and Commit.

To learn about setting up forecast categories, click here.

Forecast summary table

The Forecast Summary table is the table you see when you land on the Forecast and Quota page. It shows forecast periods, quotas, forecast categories, gaps, and funnel total. 
You can make adjustments to amounts by clicking on a Closed Won or Closed Lost amount. To learn about forecast adjustments, click here.


Access the forecast and quota settings by clicking the Settings icon located on the top-right of the Forecast and Quota page. 
To learn about configuring forecasts and quotes, click here.


You can filter forecasts and quotas based on the financial period, forecast type, and other information using the Filters option on the top-right.
Here is what each filter means:




View By

View forecast and quota data monthly, quarterly, or both, based on the value selected

Forecast Type

Show the amount or weighted revenue or scheduled amount (if Revenue Schedules is installed) or Calculus AI (if AI capabilities are included) in the forecast summary table, based on the value selected


Show deal amounts in the selected  currency 


Display only quota, only forecast, or both, based on the value selected

Forecast Time Period

Show forecasts and quotas for the selected time period

Exporting Forecasts

 You can export deals and forecasts by clicking the Export drop-down located on the top-right side of the Forecast and Quota page. 

Exporting deals and forecasts

 You can export forecasts and details of their related deals as a CSV file by selecting the Export Deals option from the Export drop-down. The exported file does not contain team forecast amounts.


Did you Know? 

You can export forecast information for a specific deal in the following way:

  1. Click a deal amount from a forecast category column in the Forecast Summary table.
  2. Click Export. 

Exporting forecasts

Export the Forecast Summary as a CSV file by selecting the Export Forecasts option from the Export drop-down. The exported file contains details such as forecast periods, forecast categories, and forecast amounts for individuals and teams. It is similar to the Forecast Summary table in the CRM.

To learn more about exporting records, click here. 


Note: You cannot import forecasts or quotas into Vtiger CRM.

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