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Settings - Configure Module Settings

Bindu Rekha Babu
24 Jul, 2020 - Updated 3 years ago
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Vtiger consists of various area, called Modules, which contain the tools necessary for Sales, Support, Marketing, Project Management, Calendar and Activity Management, and more.

To create a more focused experience while using Vtiger, it’s advised that you hide the modules that your company doesn’t use.

Configuring Modules

The key preferences with respect to the modules can be configured right from here. Settings that can be configured in Module Manager are illustrated below.

alt text

Example: The wide variety of setting options Lead Module include

Sl.No. Field Name Description
1 Module Layouts & Fields Navigates you to Fields and Layout Editor where you can configure fields of selected module
2 Edit Workflows Navigates you to Workflows feature where you can set up new workflows on selected module
3 Edit Picklist Values Navigates you to Picklist Editor where you can customize picklist fields of selected module
4 Module Sequence Numbering Navigates you to Customize Record Numbering feature where you can modify default record numbering of selected module
5 Setup Webforms Navigates you to Create New Webforms
6 Setup Workflows Navigates you to Create/Edit your workflows
7 Lead Conversion Data Mapping Exclusively for Leads. Navigates you to Lead Mapping feature where you can map fields before converting leads

Deactivating Module(s)

Module Manager displays the list of all modules available in your Vtiger CRM account. You can disable the modules that doesn’t meet your business requirements by unchecking the checkboxes beside them. Unlike Profiles, if modules are disabled in Module Manager, they will not be available for use for all users across your Vtiger CRM account. However, you can easily enable the modules to bring them back in action by clicking on the checkbox beside that module.

Follow few simple steps to enable or disable modules in Vtiger CRM

  1. Click  icon
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Module Manager
  4. Check the checkbox to enable or Uncheck the checkbox next to a specific field to disable it
    alt text
    Disabling a module when it has a mandatory relationship with other modules.
    image not found

Admins can now move the custom modules from one app category to another.
alt text

Note! If you want to limit certain users from accessing the modules, you can use Profiles in the Users Management section under Settings

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