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Auto forward Emails from Microsoft Office 365

In this article, you will learn to auto-forward Emails from Microsoft Office 365.
Lavanya R
6 Jun, 2024 - Updated 7 days ago
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Have you integrated Vtiger CRM with your Office 365 account? Are you using a Distribution List email in Office 365? Then you can auto-forward emails from your Distribution List email to Vtiger CRM.

What is a Distribution List in Microsoft 365?

A Distribution List up is an email management feature in Microsoft Office 365 that lets you send emails to multiple recipients using a single email address.

This tool helps you streamline communication, ensuring that information reaches all relevant and large parties efficiently.

Types of Distribution Groups

In Office 365, you can create the following types of Distribution groups:

  • Public Groups: These are open for any user within the organization to send emails to, and are typically used for broader communications like newsletters, announcements, or meeting invitations. 
  • Private Groups: These are restricted to specific users, and only these users can email other group members. These are suitable for sensitive communications.  

Creating a Distribution List for Vtiger in Office 365

Creating a distribution list for Vtiger in Office 365 can significantly improve communication and foster better collaboration among team members who use Vtiger CRM.

It allows for easy sharing of tips, troubleshooting advice, best practices, and CRM updates that can help users maximize their use of the software.

Auto-forwarding Emails from Microsoft Office 365 to Vtiger CRM

You can add CRM users, company employees, customers, or external groups (partners, clients, contractors, and stakeholders) to a Distribution List or group.

When you integrate your Office 365 account with vtiger CRM, you can forward emails from your Distribution list email ID to Vtiger Inbox. This will help you manage your email communication efficiently.

If your Office 365 Mailing Group account is under the Distribution group, then click here to auto-forward your emails to Vtiger.

How to Auto-forward your Distribution Group Emails to Vtiger CRM

Auto-forwarding your Distribution List emails to Vtiger CRM requires you to:

  • Step 1: Create a Distribution List in Office 365
    • Click here to learn how to create a Distribution List in Microsoft Office 365.
  • Step 2: Add contacts to a Distribution List
    • Click here to learn how to add a contact to a Distribution List in Microsoft Office 365.
  • Step 3: Add external users (customers, partners, stakeholders) to a Distribution List
    • Click here to learn how to add external email IDs to a Distribution List on Microsoft Office 365
  • Step 4: Auto-forward emails to Vtiger CRM
    • Click here to learn how to auto-forward your emails from a Distribution List in Outlook 365 to Vtiger. 
Click here to learn more about auto-forwarding emails to Vtiger.
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